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Goretzka sharply criticizes World Cup ambassador: “Absolutely unacceptable & very oppressive”

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Leon Goretzka has clearly criticized Khalid Salman’s statements that homosexuality is “mental damage”.

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Khalid Salman, a former footballer from Qatar and currently one of the World Cup ambassadors, has described homosexuality as “mental damage”. Leon Goretzka reacted with clear words to these statements, which are currently making waves.

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A banner could be seen in the Bayern fan curve on Tuesday evening. “Damaged Mind? F**k you, Khalid & Co.” was to read on it. The supporters were referring to the statement made by Khalid Salman, the World Cup ambassador from Qatar, in a ZDF-had made a report. He labeled homosexuality “mental harm” and a sin.

Statements that are currently making waves and are causing corresponding criticism. Leon Goretzka also reacted to this with clear words.

Goretzka with clear criticism of statements by the World Cup ambassador

“It’s very oppressive, you have to say,” he emphasized after (via table football).

“It’s just an image of man from another millennium. It’s not what we want to stand for and what we set an example for. It’s absolutely unacceptable to make such a statement. I can’t say more about it,” continued the international.

So far, no representative of the German national team has commented on Salman with such clarity. With many projects and critics about the World Cup, the surprise that he makes such a statement in front of the camera outweighs the fact that this is actually the dominant body of thought.

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