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Report: Renewed cabin trouble at Schalke – because of cake

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Ralf Fährmann is said to have used the cake too often in the dressing room. A reminder from Peter Knäbel made the Schalke keeper very angry.

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While things are not going well on the field either, Schalke 04 had to straighten out several cabin issues in the relatively young season. Apparently there was a new topic of controversy recently. The origin: cake.

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Within a season in which things are not going well in terms of sport, there is also more trouble internally. The tension, the pressure and the dissatisfaction automatically create a more difficult environment. That’s not unusual so far.

Accordingly, it is not particularly surprising that several cabin issues have already caused some trouble and unrest at Schalke. According to a report by Sportb image there was a point recently that caused tension internally.

Knäbel warns the ferryman to be more professional – because of the cake in the cabin

And this one has to do with cake. In a conversation between Peter Knäbel and Ralf Fährmann, in which the keeper probably suspected his personal situation as the number two topic, it was obviously about his eating habits – in the dressing room.

The sports director is said to have made it very clear to him that he should refrain from eating cake in the dressing room before the game and even during the half-time break. After all, that’s not professional behavior, and that’s from an important leader. The fact that there is cake at all has less to do with player demands and more to do with a general display that also includes different types of fruit.

The fact that ferryman allegedly increasingly took the cake as an apple has apparently become an issue.

The keeper was said to have been “extremely upset” by the way he was treated. According to the report, this can be heard from the cabin. He himself is of the opinion that he is in top form, which is why he interprets the Knäbel speech as exaggerated.

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