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No offer from Qatar Airways: Qatar sponsorship at FC Bayern before the end?

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The Qatar sponsorship at FC Bayern could be on the verge of the end: the Hoeneß call in a double pass was not well received

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The controversial sponsorship agreement with Qatar Airways will end in the summer of 2023. How long Munich will continue to receive funds from Qatar is uncertain. Does this end an era that caused a lot of anger and annoyance, especially among its own supporters?

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It has been a Herculean task for FC Bayern for years to be able to keep up with the rich competition in top-class European football. In order to meet one’s own requirements, it is also important to do things that one would actually rather not do.

Accepting payments from Qatar is certainly morally borderline – and in the opinion of many a step too far.

Bayern travels to Qatar again: sponsoring still before the end?

In the past, however, the people of Munich have mostly let the criticism bounce off them. Uli Hoeneß recently even called extra sports1-One-two to defend Qatar, the and Munich’s connection with the desert state. As has been known for a few weeks, FC Bayern will hold a training camp in Qatar again this winter. All of this was to be taken as an indication that FC Bayern would like to continue its link with Qatar.

However, this is obviously not so certain. According to information from sports picture, Hoeneß’s telephone appearance during a one-two as a Qatar defender in the club was not well received at all. In addition, it is uncertain whether Qatar Airways will even offer Bayern another 25 million euro deal to remain a sleeve sponsor. There has not yet been an official offer. However, it is also not certain that Bayern will agree to an extension at all.

Ultimately, one can assume that an offer will come in from Qatar. FC Bayern is simply too attractive as a partner. From a Munich point of view, the question will arise as to whether there are other lucrative inquiries in addition to the offer from Qatar.

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