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FIFA requires each team selected to carry out a detailed medical examination of its players

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It is a requirement “indispensable” before the start of the World Cup with the aim of “prevent complications during World Cup matches” underlined FIFA in the statement.

To carry out the medical evaluations, it will be the governing body of world football itself that will provide the participating federations with the corresponding form that must communicate the results, according to the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

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Meanwhile, in cases of a player’s concussion during a World Cup match, a specific protocol was established.

In the communication sent to the 32 World Cup teams, the regulations indicate that “If there is a suspicion that a player suffers from concussion during the match, the team doctor must examine him following the protocols set out in the FIFA Football Emergency Medicine Manual”.

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“When it is suspected that a player may have suffered a concussion, the referee may stop the game for a maximum of three minutes” indicates FIFA’s recommendation.

Add that “The referee will allow the player to rejoin the game only with the authorization of the team doctor, who, after the corresponding examination, will have determined that the player does not show signs or symptoms of concussion”.

Based on the clinical examination and always with the express prohibition of allowing the player to return to the field of play if it is suspected that he may have suffered a concussion, the final decision will always fall to the doctor of each team.

FIFA finally recommends that medical teams follow the reinstatement protocol for all players who have suffered a concussion.

Source: Ambito

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