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Football World Cup 2022: Hansi Flick wants to draw attention to abuses in Qatar

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Watch the video: National coach Hansi Flick wants to address grievances at the World Cup.

When presenting the DFB squad for the 2022 World Cup, national soccer coach Hansi Flick said: “I think every one of us who is here in the room obviously noticed things about what happened in or on the Qatar side “, which leaves us speechless, stunned. That just happened in the present day. Well, I think it’s enormously important that we as the DFB on the one hand – of course also the players – clearly focus on the sport, yes, that we have the chance to concentrate on sport, but we also have to clearly address what the human rights situation is like in Qatar. And we have to keep our eyes and ears open. And I think that’s ultimately our task. We want to do that too, so we don’t want to duck away, we want to be very clear about the grievances, and then accordingly, if it happens, then also draw attention to it.”

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Source: Stern

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