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They warn about cardiac risks during the matches of the National Team

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“We know that World Cup fever, especially in Argentina, is an important part of the culture and it is inevitable to live each game with adrenaline. But from a medical point of view, it is necessary to be aware of our body to recognize what symptoms are typical of that state,” explained Dr. Marcelo Gomez (MP 4,735) of boreal health.

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During a game, it beats every minute and heart problems can arise, especially if you have pre-existing risk factors. Various studies show that people with a cardiac history can develop heart attacks or arrhythmias during these championships. You should take medication, if applicable, and eat a healthy diet.


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At the moment of shouting a goal, the vocal folds are exposed to a significant lesion that leads to dysphonia, a disorder that in its maximum alteration can cause the total loss of the voice, which is known as hoarseness. This can be avoided if the person stays hydrated, consumes drinks at room temperature, not cold ones, and avoids acquiring tobacco and cigarettes that affect their oral and lung health.


This type of event calls for sausages and cold cuts with a high content of saturated fat and sodium, as well as a large intake of salt, alcohol and tobacco. All of this, added to emotional stress, can raise blood pressure, increase the possibility of liver and kidney disease, and affect overall health.

It is suggested to have healthier options such as nuts, seasonal fruits, vegetables, vegetables and light snacks, they are of great help to experience the excitement of the game without suffering accidents in between.


Staying in front of the television for many hours, added to the emotional tension, can cause numbness and muscle pain, for which it is recommended to relax. It is suggested to activate and stretch the muscles that remained immobile and enjoy the soccer party with passion and tranquility.

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