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“The World Cups are won by intelligent, cautious teams that know when to attack and when to defend”

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A week after the World Cup debut against Saudi Arabia, Scaloni referred to the physical condition of the players, the absences on the list, the possible replacements for Giovani Lo Celso and left an interesting point of view: “The World Cups are won by the teams intelligent, cautious and who know when to attack and when to defend”.

Regarding today’s friendly against the United Arab Emirates, the coach of the current American champion did not give any indication of the formation but announced that he will only use footballers who are in good physical condition.

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“It is a matter of concern how the players arrive because until last night (Monday night) we did not have the full squad,” admitted Scaloni, who was only able to direct the first practice yesterday with the 26 called.

The DT responded promptly about the situation of Nicolás Tagliafico, Cristian Romero and Marcos Acuña, who are suffering from various problems.

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“Nico (Tagliafico) was tired and we prefer that he not train but he will be available; Marcos (Acuña) missed the last games due to a blow to the calf; and the “Cuti” (Romero) is quite good, “he reported.

Consulted by Lionel Messi, figure and captain of the national team, Scaloni stressed: “I see him as always, he is fine and looking forward to enjoying the World Cup.”

In his first appearance after confirming the list of 26 soccer players for the World Cup, the 44-year-old coach acknowledged that it was “logical that good players are left out.”


“It was difficult for us to leave out boys who were part of the group and for whom we have enormous appreciation. It is better not to name them because it is a sad situation and there are no words to tell them, ”he expressed. Regarding the absence of Lo Celso, Scaloni reiterated that “there are no” players with his characteristics but he was calm because he has “many options”.

“When ‘Papu’ (Gómez) and (Alexis) Mac Allister played they did well. (Exequiel) Palacios and Enzo (Fernández) too. Leandro (Paredes) can play as a left intern, ”he explained.

“It will depend a lot on what we look for in each game. Sometimes it will be an insider, sometimes a winger inside and sometimes it could be a striker inside there, ”he expanded on the tactical scheme. One of those offensive variants will be Paulo Dybala from Cordoba, who finally overcame the injury and was included in the roster.

“For us it is a joy to have him because we appreciate him and he deserves the opportunity. We are happy to have him”, said the DT from Pujato about the “Jewel”, today a Roma player.

Scaloni was full of praise for the United Arab Emirates, his rival today, and his Argentine coaching staff and remarked that Argentina will come out to play with what they have done throughout this process and that they will try to impose conditions. “I didn’t talk to Vasco, but Walter did. I spoke with Diego Markic who was our teammate in the youth teams and he is a friend and we spoke because of a friendship we have. We hope they play their game -as is logical-, they have done a very good classification and they have been on the brink of playing in a World Cup”.

One of the words that Scaloni repeated the most during the conference was “enjoy” and he used it to refer to his imminent debut as coach in the most important national team tournament in the world and also to send a message of calm to the squad.

“These are moments to enjoy. I have an Argentina shirt in Pujato that every time I go I see it. Of course it is a dream to be in a World Cup, I was already able to play it and now I am proud to be in charge of the national team, ”he said.

“And I tell the players to enjoy the World Cup, it’s a unique experience. This is football, it is unpredictable and sometimes so unfair that it is not worth promising anything. This generation feels a way of playing and we will keep it. We are going to give up everything, whatever the result, and luck in the World Cup is also essential, ”he stressed.

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