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What does the official medical part of the AFA say about the casualties of the National Team?

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In place of González, a player from Fiorentina (Italy), Ángel Correa, striker from Atlético de Madrid, was called up, while Joaquín Correa from Tucumán was replaced by Thiago Almada, from Atlanta United, a team from the American Major League Soccer.

“After today’s training, the soccer player Nicolás González suffered a muscle injury and will be disaffected from the World Cup roster. In his replacement, the coaching staff summons Ángel Correa,” reported the official Twitter of the National Team.

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And less than an hour later, the second announcement arrived, divided into two parts: first, the dismissal of Joaquín Correa was recorded, and later, the call for Thiago Almada.


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“The player Joaquín Correa will also be disaffected from the World Cup squad due to injury,” reported the AFA, which a quarter of an hour later closed the statement with another tweet that read: “The soccer player Thiago Almada joins the Qatar 2022 World Cup squad “.

It was the “end of a hectic day” for the Argentine National Team, which culminated with the official medical part of the AFA on the dismissals.

“Aquilian tendonitis in the left leg” for Joaquin Correa and “tear in the right biceps femoris” for Nicolás González they were the two fundamentals presented by AFA to remove both from the World Cup list. Thiago Almada and Ángel Correa replace them. A surprising and inconvenient “seismic movement” for the National Team four days after its World Cup debut.

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