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Cristiano Ronaldo explains his idiosyncratic welcome to Bruno Fernandes

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“I made a joke with him. He was late and I asked him if he came by boat,” said the captain of the Portuguese national team on Monday in Al-Shahania near Doha, where the team is on the Prepared for the World Cup opener against Ghana on Thursday.

Such debates are normal before a tournament, Ronaldo said. It was a misunderstanding. After Ronaldo sharply criticized his club Manchester United in an interview last week, a video caused a sensation on social media. It showed Ronaldo and his United teammate Bruno Fernandes coolly greeting each other at the national team. Fernandes had already justified the scene by saying that both were joking with each other. “I have a great relationship with him,” Ronaldo said of his teammates.

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Incidentally, Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to put any more pressure on himself before his fifth appearance at the World Cup. “If I had anything left to prove at 37 years and eight months, I would be concerned,” he said. “Even if I didn’t win another trophy at the end of my career, I’d be proud of what I’ve achieved,” said the attacking player, who was European champion with the national team in 2016 and has won numerous club titles.

The video of the greeting discussed online:

Eusebio record is not the primary goal

Of course he wanted to show his family and fans “year after year what I can do,” said the 37-year-old. Despite all the criticism and the discussions about him, he now wants to concentrate on the tournament that Portugal starts on Thursday with the game against Ghana. “It would be magical to win the World Cup, but I lack nothing in life. I’ve already won a lot more than I expected,” said the Manchester United pro.

It’s been a long time since he was about personal records. “That may sound vain, but I’m not pursuing it.” The thought of possible further records does not rob him of sleep, even if he would like to break Eusebio’s record of nine World Cup goals for Portugal. Ronaldo currently has seven World Cup goals. “If we won this competition without a goal from me, I would sign that.”

Ronaldo also reiterated his statements about his club Manchester United: “I speak when I want to,” he said in response to criticism that his statements came at a bad time for Portugal’s side. “In my life, the best timing is always my own timing.” Ronaldo added that his team-mates at Portugal’s Selecao know him well and know what he’s like as a person. “It’s an ambitious group that’s hungry and focused, so I’m sure the interview won’t throw off concentration and focus in the dressing room.”

Source: Nachrichten

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