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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Froschberg’s new problem child

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Sofia Polcanova skipped yesterday’s media appointment for her club Linz AG Froschberg because of an appointment with a physiotherapist, but the European table tennis champion is pain-free for today’s Champions League group game in Saint Quentin (Fri/7.30 p.m.). “We’re not used to it, that she’s doing well,” said manager Robert Renner with a wink. The 28-year-old figurehead has not gotten rid of her injury worries, but she is trying to postpone the surgical repair of her cartilage damage in her knee until after the Summer Games in Paris in 2024 with measured tournament appearances. “She looks more at her body now,” says Zsolt Harczi.

The Froschberg coach has another problem child before the duels for the group victory – the home game against the French will follow on December 2nd: Suthasini Sawettabut is still fighting the consequences of a Covid disease in September. “I’m only back to 70 percent,” complains the 27-year-old about breathing difficulties and constant tiredness. Against this background, it is anything but beneficial that the world number 31. only returned to Linz on Monday night after a 20-hour journey from a national team assignment in her native Thailand. Yesterday was the next day of travel for Sawettabut with the flight to France.

Touchstone for Russian

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Only in Paris will Froschberg’s Russian legionnaire Yulia Prokhorova, who flies to the EU via Istanbul because of the travel restrictions for Russians, join them. “Against Saint Quentin we will see for the first time what Yulia can really do,” says Günther Renner of a touchstone. The Linz team is completed by the Lithuanian Margarita Baltushyte. Meanwhile, Karoline Mischek is in action at a tournament in Düsseldorf.

Renner confirmed that the naturalization of another Froschberg player is about to be completed. This is 17-year-old Anastasiya Radzionava from Belarus.

Source: Nachrichten

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