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Andy Brehme: After driving under the influence of alcohol, he changed his life

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In the 1990 World Cup final, Andy Brehme shot Germany to their third World Cup title. Twelve years ago, his life took a sudden turn for the worse.

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Interview: Christian Ewers

Nobel Prize winner Peter Handke wrote a story about the goalie’s fear of a penalty kick. On the other hand, there is no great work on the fear of Sagittarius. Do you have an explanation why?
Because a Sagittarius is not afraid.

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Indeed? When you put the ball on the penalty spot and ran against Argentina in the 85th minute of the 1990 World Cup final, didn’t your knees tremble?
Nothing shook me at all. I was angry because we hadn’t scored a single goal before, even though the Argentines were stunned. We should have been 3-0 up a long time ago. It was clear to me: I’m going to throw in the 911 now.

Source: Stern

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