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World Cup oracle: Japanese celebrate cute otter after victory against DFB team

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The animal World Cup oracles are back. In Japan, a river otter inspires.

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A river otter named Taiyo is celebrated in Japan after the sensational victory over Germany at the World Cup in Qatar.

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Taiyo, who lives at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo, had predicted a shock victory for Japan against four-time world champions Germany in the opening game of the World Cup. The eight-year-old male did this by placing a miniature soccer ball in a blue bucket with the Japanese flag on it the day before. Taiyo ignored the red bucket with the German flag and a yellow one that said “Draw.”

Delighted by Japan’s 2-1 win, Japanese football fans raved about the otter online, calling him “amazing” and “extremely competent”. Others were hoping he would make a prediction for Japan’s next group game against Costa Rica on Sunday.

YouTube video with the otter making his “prediction”

Source: Stern

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