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Martino spoke before facing Argentina and said that “the future of Mexico depends tomorrow”

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“We will try to impose our ideas. We must think that, with such a strong rival, we may not be able to impose them”stressed the exDT of Newell’s Old Boys Y Barcelonaamong other clubs, and also from the selected Paraguayan and the one of the Argentina.


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Martino Y Messi three years coincided, the first in the Barcelona (2013-14) and then in the Argentine national team (2014-16), a cycle that ended with two consecutive defeats in the final of the America Cup in view of Chili.

“Those who have faced Lionel will say the same. Stopping him happens more because he has a bad afternoon than because of what we can do. But we always have to prepare the game thinking that he will give the best version. Although sometimes without having a full 90 minutes, It solves it in five. You have to be as attentive as possible”analyzed about Messi.

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Also, Martinowho was in charge of the Argentine national team between 2015 and 2016, analyzed that the Argentina stopped playing “against” to be done “protagonist” in the games.

“We will look for Mexico to win, I know where I was born, I can say the place, the characteristics of my city, the sanatorium where I was born, but I work for Mexico and I want to win the game”he pointed out before a consultation of the Aztec press.

“We are interested in the other game in the group but it is difficult to know if the point is appropriate or not. At first it depends on how the development takes place, if you deserve more and draw it is bad as with Poland, and if you deserve less and take a point is good. Analyzing it as an isolated fact is complicated”sentenced Martino.

The match between Mexico Y Argentina will be played this Saturday from 4:00 p.m., while the other two members of the group, Poland Y Saudi Arabiathey will be measured a while before starting at 10.

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