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The coach of Spain wants to show: Luis Enrique asked his colleagues to be “less defensive”

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Luis Enrique noted on his Twitch account: “There are 50,000 or 100,000 guys watching you at the stadium, then at home there are millions of people. It’s like going to see a play and it’s boring, in the end there will be no one in the theater”.

The coach is not unaware of the pressures his colleagues are under and believes that this is the main reason for the lack of search for the result: “The problem is that the need for the coach forces so much that everyone plays to defend and it is being seen in the World Cup, here they only attack when you are already lost”.

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With his usual irony, Luis Enrique He took the drama out of the matter, but left an important reflection on where football is going: “Maybe this is stupid of me, but I am convinced of this and I understand that the result is better achieved that way. Also, the path, because the result is not only worth it, it is much more rewarding for a player”.

Source: Ambito

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