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The shirt that Messi wore for New Year is sold out: how much does it cost and what brand is it?

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It is a olive green shirt with white buttons and orange stripes, which in turn had delicate white lines. In the same tone, she showed some bermuda shorts as a set, since the pants had the same color and design.

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Everyone was surprised on social networks and even laughed when they saw the image of the Argentine star. They compared him to a gnome and even thought he was wearing pajamas.

Of course, the one who is a world champion dresses as he wants, launched others, arousing laughter and more laughter in a publication that exceeded the 15 million likes.

How much

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The shirt is from the world-renowned brand gucciwith which Messi It has been shown on several occasions wearing different presses, especially t-shirts.

Its price is 900 dollars and it quickly sold out on the brand’s official website. If we convert the amount to Argentine pesos on the black market, the final value would exceed 300 thousand pesos. A real fortune for a shirt.

Source: Ambito

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