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Gabriel Clemens: Darts professional donates 200 meatloaf rolls

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Gabriel Clemens thrilled the German fans at the Darts World Cup. A supermarket chain offered him 200 free meatloaf rolls – but “Gaga” politely declined.

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With his strong and likeable appearances at the Darts World Cup, Gabriel Clemens captivated the fans and inspired many Germans who had nothing to do with the sport before to play darts. The Saarlander even got a taste of the final, but it was over for him in the semifinals against the eventual world champion Michael Smith.

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Nevertheless, there were numerous hymns of praise for the man nicknamed “Gaga” – “gagagantic” was a common adjective. Apparently, the supermarket chain Globus was also very impressed, which wanted to give Clemens 200 free meatloaf rolls after his semi-final defeat. But the 39-year-old darts professional declined and had a better idea: he would rather donate the rolls to the Saarbrücken cold bus to support the homeless.

Gabriel Clemens makes a jump in the world rankings

“I just keep buying mine myself when I’m shopping,” Clemens wrote on Instagram. After his victory in the quarterfinals over the number one of the “World Gerwyn Price”, Clemens was asked in a television interview whether there were free meat rolls for everyone in his home country. His answer: “You’ll have to ask Globus about that.”

The supermarket chain then promised the “German Giant” free meat rolls for six months if he reached the final. In the event of a World Cup victory, a flat rate was even offered for a whole year. As is well known, nothing came of it, but after the end Globus made the offer under the motto “200 instead of 180”, which Clemens is now donating to.

His sensational performances in London’s “Ally Pally” have brought the 39-year-old to 19th place in the world rankings, so he will also take part in the Masters for the first time at the end of January, in which the currently best 20 players in the world compete. It is also being discussed that Clemens will soon play in the renowned Darts Premier League. However, the final decision has not yet been made.

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