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After a year and a half of pain: Poulsen feels fit again

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Leipzig striker Yussuf Poulsen had a hard time struggling with injuries: now the Danish striker is fit again

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-Star Yussuf Poulsen has had very difficult years and has hardly played in the first half of the season due to injury. Now the Danish attacker is fit again and looks back critically on his time as an injured player.

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Yussuf Poulsen has important days ahead at the training camp in Abu Dhabi. The 28-year-old is finally feeling well again and wants to attack. “I feel very good. I’ve waited a year and a half to be able to play free of pain. That’s why I’m just happy,” explained a relaxed Poulsen to the IMAGE.

The Danish attacker has been struggling with muscle injuries in recent months and seems to have put too much pressure on himself to bounce back quickly. “I don’t even remember how it started. There were always muscle injuries in various places,” he quarreled.

In the summer, after a year of suffering, he pulled the emergency brake. “I’ve changed a lot in everyday life. I have to be honest: I did a few things wrong before and had to take more care of myself,” he explained self-critically. After eight years, in which he was hardly injured, it was “not easy to realize” that “you don’t always do everything right”.

Poulsen even asked teammate Orban for advice

In order to eliminate possible sources of injury, Poulsen had his wisdom teeth pulled, among other things. But that was not all. “I turned every stone and consulted an estimated 15 experts: doctors, physios, osteopaths. I asked myself who is an expert in this field,” he explained. Ultimately, it’s about “doing more for your body” and “preparing and following up on training.”

His primary goal for the second half of the season is “to stay healthy” and “to play at the highest level”. With RB Leipzig, something is possible in all three competitions in the coming months and a healthy Poulsen can of course be a trump card.

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