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Reus with a clear trend for his future

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Marco Reus would prefer to stay at BVB. However, the contract extension is not a sure-fire success – neither for him nor for Dortmund.

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Recently there were rumors that linked Marco Reus to Al-Nassr. He sees his future most likely at Borussia Dortmund – but staying there is by no means guaranteed.

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Could Marco Reus be drawn to Saudi Arabia in the summer? This theoretical possibility was on the table these days because the BVB captain was linked with a move to Al-Nassr.

Rumors that, interestingly enough, he didn’t outright dismiss as irrelevant. Reus even commented somewhat nebulously (): “Of course you look ahead. I still have six months of contract, I have to think about it. We’ll have talks and see in which direction it goes.”

And he’s right: his current contract expires in about four and a half months. It rarely happens that there hasn’t been a decision in the last six months, not even a publicly communicated, clear trend. This shows that extending the contract and staying in Dortmund is far from set in stone.

Reus would like to extend in Dortmund – at any price?

And yet this tendency is there, even if it is not yet emphasized. So far there have been no talks between Borussia and Reus regarding a future together, like sky-Reporter Sven Westerschulze reported on Monday evening. However, there is a desire for the 33-year-old to continue playing for black and yellow.

So BVB will be the first point of contact for him before a possible change is made. According to Westerschulze, it is clear that Reus will definitely not stop playing football in the summer.

That is precisely why it is quite possible and not at all unlikely that after eleven years there will still be a goodbye.

So far, with regard to a potential contract extension, it has only been said that Dortmund would like to significantly reduce the basic salary and focus much more on performance and game bonuses. This is not only the general path that those responsible want to take, but in their view it is particularly necessary for the now aging and injury-prone Reus.

In this regard, it is still unclear whether the offensive player will show understanding. Should that be more or less the case, continued collaboration seems the most obvious scenario.

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