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World Cup in Poland and Sweden: Hanning: Handball can overshadow football

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Bob Hanning sees the failed World Cup of German footballers as a chance for handball. However, he does not count the German team among the favorites at the beginning of the World Cup.

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Handball manager Bob Hanning sees the opportunity for his sport at the World Cup, which begins on Wednesday, to “put football in the shade”.

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After the in many respects desolate appearance of the DFB team at the World Cup in Qatar, handball could win many new fans at the tournament in Poland and Sweden and win back the lost reputation for German sport, wrote the former Vice President of the German Handball Federation Hanning in a column for the “picture”.

“People in Germany are a bit tired of football, as shown not least by the plummeting TV ratings. They crave authentic and approachable professional athletes who can take the big stage on ARD and ZDF without gimmickry.” From Hanning’s point of view, handball could offer a counterpart to football. “Handball players, regardless of their sporting performance, must be made clear that they are robust types. Without a muzzle. And with an irrepressible greed for new successes.”

Criticism of the DFB

Hanning also attacked the German Football Association with a view to the World Cup in Qatar: “The German swerve course on the armband issue, with which the fickle DFB got upset because it was obviously always about PR and marketing, is having an impact. Internationally as well. Not to mention the miserable sporting performance. Germany has lost a lot of its reputation in the (sports) world. Whereas we used to be feared for the mentality and focus of our national teams, now and then we are only smiled at and pitied.” wrote the managing director of Füchse Berlin.

The world football association FIFA had forbidden the DFB and other associations, under threat of sanctions, to use the “One Love” captain’s armband, which stands for diversity, at the World Cup.

In Hanning’s opinion, the German team is not one of the favorites at the Handball World Championship, but with “team spirit, carelessness and enthusiasm” a lot is possible. The quarterfinals must be mandatory. The DHB selection starts on Friday against Asian champions Qatar in the World Cup.

Source: Stern

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