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FC Bayern plays 4: 4 against Salzburg: Nagelsmann sees positive aspects

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FC Bayern played 4: 4 against RB Salzburg: Nagelsmann raved about Tel and Blind, but still sees work

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He struggled in the endurance test against RB Salzburg, especially on the defensive, and ultimately had to settle for a goal-rich 4-4 draw. However, Julian Nagelsmann was satisfied with some aspects of the game and in particular with the performances of his youngsters.

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In a lively game, in which FC Bayern was initially able to turn a 1:3 into a 4:3, the result was ultimately only a draw. From a Munich perspective, Leroy Sané, Arijon Ibrahimovic, Mathys Tel and Kingsley Coman provided the goals.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann drew a halfway positive conclusion after the game. “A lot was good,” he told FC Bayern TV, but also admitted that “there is still a lot to do”. The jokers around the two young goal scorers Ibrahimovic and Tel as well as newcomer Blind sent a good signal. Nagelsmann praised the offensive players for bringing in “a lot of energy”. The coach even attested the French youngster an “outstanding game.” Blind also received extra praise: “He did it very well. You see his experience,” he explained.

Bayern want to draw conclusions from the test

Nagelsmann generally enjoyed the “power on the pitch”, but struggled with the fact that in the meantime “the defenders weren’t defending consistently enough”. It was all the more important that fresh forces could “set the pace” again. Coman, who was weak recently, was also able to play his part and, according to the Bayern coach, “made a good game.”

After the exhausting training camp, it almost goes without saying that not everything went perfectly. Accordingly, the coach was ultimately satisfied. “It was good for a test, we can draw our conclusions from it,” he summed up.

Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn made a similar statement to Nagelsmann. “Compliments to our young players who were able to show what they’re capable of,” praised the Titan, but also recognized that “there’s still a lot to do”. On January 20th, things will get down to business.

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