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Why is the “International Super Cup” that Boca and Racing will play so controversial?

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The headquarters of the party will be the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadiumlocated about 150 kilometers (an hour and a half by car) from Abu Dhabi.

The referee will be the World Cup fernando rapalliniwho will be assisted by Juan Pablo Belatti Y Diego Bonfa. The arbitration team will be completed with Pablo Echavarria Y gabriel chade as fourth and fifth, respectively, while in charge of the VAR they will be Hector Paletta beside fernando espinoza Y Pablo Dovalo.

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This final is part of a commercial and sports agreement signed by the AFA Y Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) in June of last year.

The contract, which includes the dispute of the Argentine Super Cup for the next four years, it came into force in November of last year with the preparation of the Argentine national team prior to the Qatar World Cup and the friendly against the local team, led by the Argentine Rodolfo “Vasco” Arruabarrena.

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However, the first official title of 2023 for world champion soccer drags a questioned decision since the Argentine Super Cupthe trophy that was reissued in 2012, is disputed by the champions of the tournament/league and the Argentine Cupconquered by Board of Paraná in 2022.

On December 29, the AFA confirmed in a statement that the protagonists of the final in Arab Emirates they would be Mouthtournament champion Professional League 2022Y racingwinner of Champions Trophy.

The entity chaired by Claudio Tapia did not specify the displacement of Patronage from the definition but Victor Whiteowner of the “academy”, indicated that it was a commercial decision.

For the Professional Leaguemeanwhile, the criterion used was that racing he won Champions Trophy Y Mouth it was the second team that achieved the most points in the 2022 annual table just below its rival.

In this way, the club avellaneda He will go for his official title number 39 and the second in recent months without having been champion of any of the national competitions in 2022.

The team led by Fernando Gago was the runner-up of the last tournament of the LPF and the team that added the most points in the year.

However, to access the end of the Champions Trophy had to overcome Tiger (runner-up of the League Cup) in a repechage.

The final of next Friday will also have the seasoning of the last antecedent of the exciting definition of last November 6 in saint Louis. The “Academy” kept the title after the decisive goal of Carlos Alcaraz in the 117th minute to make the game 2-1.

The celebration of the young man recently transferred to the Premier League sparked a fight between the two teams that generated a festival of expulsions by the referee Facundo Tello who left Mouth with six players and without the possibility of continuing the match.

From here arises the second controversy around this International Super Cup Since the AFA empowered the ten protagonists who were expelled for tello in La Pedrera.

by the side of Mouth they will be Frank Fabra, Luis Advíncula, Alan Varela, Sebastián Villa, Diego González and the DT Hugo Ibarra not counting Carlos Zambranowho no longer belongs to the club.

On the other side they can also play Jonathan Galvan Y Carlos Carbonerowhile the mentioned alcaraz already on England.

Those suspended must comply with the sanctions in the tournament that will begin on January 27, but it is not clear what will happen if there is someone expelled in al ain.

Tickets for the event are already on sale and there are six different categories: 7 dollars, 28, 42, 56, 70 and 98 the masks.

From the Abu Dhabi Sports Council They promote the game through official channels, but the final has not yet been reported in the local media.

“The country of silver is actually a ‘Gold Mine'”published in the official account (@AbuDhabiSC) who also made different plaques to remember the previous champions of the Super Cup What Arsenal in 2012 and River from the last edition in 2019.

Apart from the controversies, the International Super Cup wave Al Ain Super Cup It will be the first title at stake argentinian soccer world champion and so much Mouth What racing They will do their best to add a new star.

Source: Ambito

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