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Stars and stars sparkle on the gala night

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When the gala night of sports celebrates its comeback today in the Brucknerhaus in Linz, you can look forward to many highlights. There are many celebrities from business, politics and of course sports, who set the tone alongside the music. An excerpt from the guest list:

Sings with Monti Beton: Hans Krankl
Image: GEPA pictures/ Franz Pammer
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Legends: Austria’s Goleador Hans Krankl will not only be there as a star guest, but with the Viennese cult band Monti concrete hit the bull’s eye musically too. With Bayern Munich icon Klaus Augenthaler a second football legend comes to the Brucknerhaus. A local hero with legend status is Andrew Goldberger. You really can’t tell that he’s now half a century old.

Stars and stars sparkle on the gala nightStars and stars sparkle on the gala night

Dominik Landertinger
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Olympic Heroes: The medal collection in the sign of the five rings is impressive. Dominik Landertinger, one of the most successful biathletes in Austria with nine podium finishes at major international events, has two Olympic silver and two bronze medals in his showcase. Handbike Champion has won three Olympic golds Walter Ablinger won. Also his long-term trainer and parasport pioneer Christoph Etzlstorfer has Paralympic gold in his treasure trove of experience. triathlete Florian Brungraber (Bronze) is another Paralympic ace. Theresia Kiesl has an Olympic bronze medal that gleams like gold for breaking into world-class athletics as a middle-distance runner in Atlanta in 1996, where the air is particularly thin.

Stars and stars sparkle on the gala nightStars and stars sparkle on the gala night

The Sonic Sisters
Image: artpho | the photo workshop

World Champion: Here, too, Upper Austria’s best para athletes are represented in large numbers. Renata Hoenisch With a total of 95 medals at international competitions, she is probably the most diligent medal collector. canoeist Mendy Swoboda or all-rounder Oliver Dreier – the triathlete has just switched to snowboarding – are currently in the middle of the world class. World Cup medals also have Ana Lehaci and young mom Victoria Black (Canoe), Bianca and Nadine Schall (Water-skiing), Liu Jia (table tennis), Ursula Porkert (Karate), Sigrid Kirchmann-Ortner (High jump), Clemens Doppler (beach volleyball) or rowers Karl Sinzinger stand on their sporting calling card. Rally ace holds a kind of world record Raimund Baumschlager with 14 national titles. He also makes a pit stop in the Brucknerhaus.

Stars and stars sparkle on the gala nightStars and stars sparkle on the gala night

Marc Janko

Footballer at ball level: with Marc Janko In addition to Hans Krankl, a second ÖFB team striker will come to Linz. From the goalkeeper “faction” have Klaus Lindenberger and Pepi Schickelgruber hip, trendy, popular. For ÖFB Honorary President Leo Windtner the gala is a must. Upper Austria’s President Gerhard Goetschhofer is also one of the guests of honor for the former Israeli sports director and team boss Willie Ruttensteiner the gala is just as much a home game. Speaking of home advantage: LASK President Siegmund Gruber comes with sports director Radovan Vujanovicthe players are currently not in a ballroom, like at SV Ried or at Blau-Weiss Linz, but in the training camp at ball height.

Stars and stars sparkle on the gala nightStars and stars sparkle on the gala night

Walter Ablinger and Florian Brungraber
Image: GEPA pictures

There are still tickets left here

Last-minute decision-makers still have the chance to be there live at the sport’s gala night tonight. Remaining tickets are still available online at oeticket.com and at the box office of the Brucknerhaus in Linz.

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