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“Agricultural Tattoo”, a new tribute to Messi from the Cordoba countryside

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The design occupies the space of almost four soccer fields in the town of crossbowmenin the province of Cordova (center) and “The idea was a tribute from the agricultural world to Messi, whether or not he won the World Cup, which thank God he did”affirms the AFP the filmmaker, Charlie Faricelli.

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When the corn sprouts, the 460×320 meter image becomes a little more visible every day, says Faricellian agronomist engineer.

“It’s an agricultural ‘tattoo’. Planting has started before the start of the World Cup, so it was really a leap of faith.”he said smiling.

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The rostrum was formed with different concentrations of seeds, which produce a visual contrast, with the help of a digital culture platform.


“With advances in technology, the agricultural machine knows exactly how many seeds to sow where and as it moves forward”says the engineer.

The maker invited other producers on social networks to imitate his tribute and shared the software with them.

Faricelli say what “There are 25 Messi faces in cornfields in five provinces”.

“We identify with the selection, because they suffered before winning, and the agricultural world is also suffering”comments alluding to the drought that plagues the fertile Pampas plain in the center of the country.

Source: Ambito

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