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They presented the first statue of Messi as world champion in Mar del Plata

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The sculptor of the work, Victor Coluccioexplained that the statue “It was finished in the last matches of the World Cup”, although “the third star was worked on the day after the final against France”when the “albiceleste” team became -for the third time- world champion.

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The fiber cement statue took three months of work, “It is hollow on the inside and with internal structures. The sculpture invokes the grandmother looking at the sky, as she usually celebrates the ’10’ in each goal in the form of thanks.”

“The project began to be worked on with great responsibility. We are talking about an emblematic and global figure, where not only the resemblance but also the expression had to be captured in a work”he added.

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For his part, Hugo Nicoliowner of the work, remarked that “What I wanted from the beginning of the project is for people to enjoy it. Messi represents that everything is possible when you want and you make an effort. You have to make an inclusion in that, the statue comes to show the human part.”

“The sculpture is the first in the world and is in Mar del Plata”indicated Nicoliwho confirmed that the work will have another definitive place where it will remain: “The final destination will be the one it will occupy in two months, when it is located on the sidewalk of a sports complex that we are putting together on Edison and Mario Bravo avenues, with free visits for all those who want to come.”

Source: Ambito

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