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Kai Pflaume’s first Porsche is for sale – and should help in the Ahr Valley

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With TV formats such as “Only love counts” and “Die Glücksspirale” Kai Pflaume moderated his way into the hearts of Germans in the nineties – and thus made money. The entertainer spent that early on things he only dreamed of before starting his television career. This also includes fast cars – Pflaume is a declared Porsche fan.

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And so it was that in 1997, just before his 30th birthday, he bought a silver Porsche 993 Targa. Ferrari didn’t appeal to him even then, he revealed in a 2004 interview with “”. Years later, Pflaume was still raving about picking up the car. He said driving off the farm in your own Porsche for the first time was like meeting your first girlfriend.

Porsche already in fourth hand

But the relationship didn’t last long, as it turned out. The vehicle registration document, which is available to the editors, shows an amazingly quick change of ownership. Pflaume registered the car in May 1997 and transferred the car to his company of the same name about a year later. Another year later, in October 1999, Pflaume sold the car again. Two sales later, reports the specialist magazine “”, the vehicle from the Porsche Center in Munich finally ended up in Rheinbach, where flooding also occurred in 2021 as a result of the Ahr Valley disaster.

The flood is also the reason why the vehicle is for sale again. The current owner actually wanted to keep the car for his collection. But since the vehicle was about 50 centimeters under water and the owner’s house suffered serious damage, it has to go under the hammer. The cost of rebuilding the house and restoring the car is too high.

Restoration object due to residual risk

After the flooding, Kai Pflaume’s 993 Targa had to be partially dismantled and the interior dried and cleaned. The only visible damage that remains is limited to the wavy service booklet and a few documents that didn’t stand up well to the dive.

And so from March 5, 2023 there is the chance to bid on the car at “”. “Elferspot” states that the price for a well-maintained representative of this model range is “just under 100,000 euros”. But: The vehicle is being sold “expressly as a restoration object and to the exclusion of liability for material defects”, since the ingress of water could have unforeseen consequences. So there is a chance of a bargain – with a residual risk.

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