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New: Ferrari Roma Spider: Open Temptation

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The Ferrari Roma gets an open brother, which should sweeten spring, summer and autumn for many sun worshipers. In addition to the elegant, sporty coupé version, the Roma will also be available as a spider version with an electric fabric roof.

It takes just over 13 seconds and the occupants of the Ferrari Roma Spider are immersed in another world. That’s how long it takes for the electric fabric cap to hide behind the interior at the push of a button in the convertible top compartment. The Dachs can be opened and closed at speeds of up to 60 km/h. Since 1969 and the presentation of the Ferrari 365 GTS4, there had not been a convertible with a front engine from the northern Italians. Mobile sun worshipers can now look forward to an unashamedly long bonnet, which gives the Ferrari Roma Spider a special symbiosis of elegance and sportiness. So that the summer never ends and the sun fans can enjoy the topless feeling even in cooler temperatures or at higher speeds, the Spider is equipped with an electric wind deflector that can be extended behind the seats.


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Like its closed brother, the 4.66 meter long Ferrari Roma Spider is powered by the well-known eight-cylinder turbo with 456 kW / 620 hp, which is coupled with its maximum torque of 760 Nm to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The 3.9-liter engine accelerates the 1.7-ton two-seater from a standstill in 3.4 seconds and allows it to reach speeds of more than 320 km/h. With its five-layer construction, the newly developed fabric roof does not bloat even at high speeds and promises the noise level of a closed version with a folding roof. The weight distribution is 48:52 in favor of the rear axle. Inside, the Ferrari Roma Spider is largely unchanged compared to the 84 kg lighter coupé version.

An extendable rear spoiler ensures maximum contact pressure at medium and high speeds. Inside there are not only fine leather seats, but also a total of three displays for the driver, front passenger and a central touch display in the middle of the dashboard for display and operation. If the 255 liters of cargo space are not enough, you can put bags or jackets behind the two front seats, because the two emergency seats can hardly be seated seriously, similar to other models, despite the indicated headrests. The price should be higher than the open Ferrari Portofino M with its foldable hardtop, which starts at around 200,000 euros. The Ferrari Roma is already at a similar price level as a closed coupe version.

Source: Stern

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