Chargers on the routes

Chargers on the routes

Raízen and Audi reached an agreement in which they join efforts to promote the development of the Shell Recharge network in our country. It will be made up of 30 160 kW and 50 kW chargers on the main routes in Argentina.

Shell Recharge is a global brand of Shell present in more than 35 countries, which provides solutions for recharging electric vehicles at Shell service stations and also at other points such as retail locations (supermarkets, shopping centers, car parks, etc.). Audi is a world leader in the development of electric vehicles and a benchmark in electromobility in Argentina. The brand is already marketing three hundred percent electric models in our country: the e-tron, the e-tron Sportback and the RS e-tron GT. Under this premise, they agreed and communicated a new alliance aimed at electromobility that contemplates having more than 30 chargers installed together in the medium term on the main local routes and corridors.

Source: Ambito

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