“Killer AI” Tesla – Apple founder blasphemes about Elon Musk

“Killer AI” Tesla – Apple founder blasphemes about Elon Musk

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips – and feared. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns of this. For Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, however, one thing is certain: Tesla currently offers the deadliest AI.

The fear of artificial intelligence is spreading. At least since chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard and image generators like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney have been producing amazing results, the world of technology has been revolving around the power of software. Development is progressing so quickly that over 1000 well-known experts have issued an open letter warning against simply continuing without regulation (immediate AI development break required). Among the warning voices is Elon Musk, who, however, is working on his own product in parallel with “X.AI” while he is warning.

But for co-founder Steve Wozniak, Musk already has one of the “deadliest” artificial intelligences on offer: Tesla. In an interview with “” he talks about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and the departure of the “father of AI” Geoffrey Hinton (Hinton regrets his life’s work – and fears its consequences) before he is asked if he has ever talked to Elon Musk about it spoke.

Wozniak thinks Tesla software ‘went wrong’

“I never met or spoke to him,” replies Wozniak. “I admire some of the things he did – for example his pioneering work in the field of electromobility. But that is overshadowed by many things.”

Wozniak alludes to the fact that he’s “succumbed” to promises made by Musk on numerous occasions and has therefore poured a lot of money into Tesla vehicles, which he’s deeply disappointed in. Then he lashes out: “If you want to see an AI gone wrong that promises a lot and kills people, then buy a Tesla.” Wozniak laughs, laughter can also be heard in the studio. The moderator is surprised and just says: “Wow”. She asks: “And what do you think of the way he leads Twitter?”

“I can’t say much about that,” explains Wozniak. “I’m not there, I avoid social networks”.

While much of what Wozniak said in the roughly 11-minute conversation remains uncommented, his statements about Tesla made headlines. Of course, assuming that the assistance systems known as “autopilot” and “full self-driving” intend to kill people is definitely radical.

The specialist magazine “” has highlighted a user comment that tries to explain where Wozniak’s frustration comes from. The Apple co-founder therefore bought his car at a particularly unfavorable time, when there was a particularly long period of time between the purchase and the activation of promised functions.

Reports confirm Wozniak’s statements

The allegation that the software would try to kill the vehicle occupants cannot be completely refuted. The author’s Tesla also often misbehaves on the road. Similar incidents are also described in a shocking report by “”, during the research of which the reporter repeatedly got into dangerous situations.

However, the comparison of dangers that experts warn about in connection with artificial intelligence and driver assistance systems that are sometimes unreliable lags behind. Because that is not what is meant when talking about dangers to humanity from AI. But the effects of unfinished software can be seen in the misconduct of Teslas – here, too, sensible regulation would have saved many people from misfortune.

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