Nebraska: US police stop car with Watussi cop as a passenger

Nebraska: US police stop car with Watussi cop as a passenger

The officials are amazed: A full-grown bull with meter-long horns is driving in a middle-class car.

Where the passenger normally sits in the car, Lee Meyer from Neligh in the US state of Nebraska has a live, full-grown bull with meter-long horns. The TÜV would certainly not let that go – but according to a local television station, Meyer got away with a warning from the police on Wednesday.

Cut-out car roof for Watusi cattle

Around 10 a.m. local time, the officials received several calls about the converted mid-size car: the Watussi cattle stood in the right half, the roof had been cut out to accommodate the animal’s impressive horns. “Officials received a call about a car driving into town with a cow in it,” said Police Captain Chad Reiman on local television station News Channel Nebraska. But his colleagues didn’t think of an impressive one yet Bulls thought, “They thought it would be a calf, something small, or something that would actually fit in the vehicle.”

When they took a look at the vehicle and the adult animal with meter-long horns, they then issued some warnings about traffic hazards “that arose because of this special situation,” explains Reiman.

Aston is not a normal bull: he thinks he is a horse

Owner Lee Meyer of Neligh, a county seat in Antelope County, Nebraska, said his pet’s name was “Howdy Doody.” He (and his bull) were allowed to drive home after some back and forth.

The Watussirind, also called Ankolerind, is a breed originally from Africa, whose horns can reach a span of up to two meters. The cattle use the enormous size of their horns to defend themselves against attacks and to cool their bodies. Traditionally, the animals are rarely kept for slaughter. They are available in a number of different color variations.

Sources: DPA

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