New: Mini Cooper E / SE and Countryman: electric duo

New: Mini Cooper E / SE and Countryman: electric duo

Mini marches briskly into the battery-electric age. There are two battery-electric versions to choose from for the new Countryman. The BEV Mini Cooper is built by Great Wall Motor in China and should also be particularly agile as an electric car.

The timetable is set. From 2030, Mini will only sell electric models. By the middle of the decade, half of the Minis sold should be electric vehicles. It is currently 15 percent. If a vehicle is good for the weasel striker, then the little English runabout. However, the model range of the British BMW subsidiary no longer consists of the iconic three-door, but of a five-door, which has grown steadily in recent years, then of course the Countryman and in April 2024 Mini will show the all-electric crossover Aceman. With the Countryman, the customer then has the BMW-typical choice. Because it will be available as a petrol, diesel and electric variant. Plug-in hybrids? None!

The new Countryman is no longer mini in the original sense. The new generation of the crossover, which shares the technology with the BMW X1, has also increased in size: 13 centimeters in length to 4.433 meters and six centimeters in height to 1.656 meters, to be precise. The wheelbase is also growing and with it the space for the passengers, since the rear bench seat can be moved 13 centimeters in length. Since the backrests of the rear seat can be adjusted in twelve degrees, it is also very comfortable in the rear. The trunk has a volume of 460 to 1,450 liters.

If you want the Countryman with battery-electric drive, you can choose from two variants: The Mini Countryman E costs at least 43,500 euros, has 150 kW / 204 hp and a torque of 250 Newton meters and, thanks to the battery capacity of 66.45 kilowatt hours, can travel up to 462 kilometers far. The Countryman SE All4 (from 49,500 euros) has more e-vapor on the chain with 230 kW / 313 hp and 494 Nm. However, this power plus comes at the expense of the range of 433 km. In contrast to the electric models from some other manufacturers, the onboard charger allows charging with alternating current (AC) with up to 22 kW. With DC there is a maximum of 130 kW, so the batteries are filled from 10 to 80 percent within around 30 minutes.

The huge mini touchscreen pizza with OLED screen technology, as known from expensive home TVs, also dominates the interior of the new models. The classic digital instrument display is a thing of the past. There is a real head-up display for that. The relationship to BMW pays off in the assistance systems. Up to a speed of 60 km/h, the auto pilot takes over the steering on separate lanes or motorways.

In contrast to the hexagonal daytime running lights on the new Countryman, the LED eye rims on the Mini Cooper continue to squint round into world history. Incidentally, Cooper is no longer an equipment variant, but reserved for the “real” Minis, i.e. the three-door, five-door and convertible. The fully electric Mini is produced by the Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motor. However, the mini engineers insist that the fully electric speedster does not share the technology with the Ora Funky Cat, but that all decisive elements have been developed and coordinated in-house. After all, this Mini should also convey the much-cited go-kart feeling when dancing around curves.

As with the BEV version of the Countryman, the Stromer Mini also has two power levels. The Mini Cooper E has 135 kW/184 hp, a torque of 290 Nm and reaches the 100 km/h mark from a standing start in 7.3 seconds. With the 40.7 kWh battery on board, the Mini Cooper E (costs at least 32,900 euros) can travel up to 305 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. The Mini Cooper SE is 4,000 euros more expensive, but has a battery capacity of 50.2 kilometers and thus creates a maximum of 402 kilometers. This also allows more power: With 160 kW / 218 hp and 330 Nm of torque, the Mini Cooper SE completes the standard sprint in 6.7 seconds. The e-minis have built in a strut brace so that it not only moves quickly straight ahead, but also in the curves. The tire sizes vary between 16 and 18 inches. And so that the go-kart feeling becomes second nature to the driver, the sporty driving mode is also called go-kart. When it comes to charging, the Mini Cooper falls behind the BEV Countryman somewhat: with alternating current it is at best 11 kW and with direct current 75 kW (Mini Cooper E) or 95 kW (SE version). The batteries should be filled from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

The interior is similar to that of the Countryman. The round OLED monitor with a diameter of 24 centimeters is also the command center in the Mini Cooper. With the optional head-up display, the driver has all the necessary information at a glance. Of course, the voice control is started with “Hey Mini”, the updates are wireless and other functions can be activated later. For a corresponding fee, of course. So that the fun doesn’t end when parking, the Mini Cooper also offers an app with video games.

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