Cars: 0km registrations more than 20% in September despite Fair Prices

Cars: 0km registrations more than 20% in September despite Fair Prices

The first 20 days of the month show a automotive market that moves amid uncertainty. Until yesterday, the 0km patents registered a drop of 28.3%compared to the same number of days last August and 7.6% against September 2022.

If the daily average of registrations is taken, September is 22.8% below August.

In the sector they estimate that the month will close, in the car segment plus light vehicles, in around 32,000 units, against the 37,000 computed last month. This will be achieved if there is an improvement in operations in the remainder of September through pressure from the terminals on the concessionaire network to meet the objectives and thus reduce the decrease to around 15% compared to August.

This drop in operations has no clear explanation. The most logical is that of lower demand, but it is contrasted with the information that comes from some dealerships.

According to the brand, the number of tickets being made does not show a decrease, although there are other automakers that do see activity reducing.

Tickets are sales that are currently being made, while patents are operations carried out weeks ago.

Another explanation has to do with the restrictions on imports that were partially lifted at the beginning of the month when there was an agreement between companies and the government.

Fair prices for 0km cars

The plan of “fair prices” that was signed with the sector, with freezing values ​​​​until the end of October for some models, is being implemented with contrasts, as Ámbito announced last week.

In some cases, where national vehicles were included, there is some availability and they are beginning to be marketed. For example, in the pickup version Renault Alaskan Emotion 4×2 and Nissan Frontier S, like the Ford Ranger XLS 4×2. Also in the Fiat Cronos Like model that is offered within the official program.

The same thing happens with the utility versions. Peugeot Partner HDI and Citroen Berlingo HDI, that are also produced in the country.

Meanwhile, in cases where the models offered through this program are imported, the limitation is greater.

“We have four units of the version of the Polo Track included in the plan and about 30 of those that are outside the program. We have almost all of them sold”they explained at a Volkswagen dealership.

In the case of Chevrolet, which included the LTZ version of the Montana pickup that arrives from Brazil, a dealership indicated that it only had one unit and that it already has an owner.

In the case of Toyota, it offers the Yaris XLS CVT that is produced in Brazil. This model, like most of the brand, has a long waiting time due to high demand.

For this reason, in practice, the official plan is working half-heartedly when it is already reaching half of its validity.

From the sector, they highlighted to Ámbito that this drop in patents could be linked to the delay in issuing import certificates.

“They released the SIRA, but it seems that there are problems with the certificates and all of this is impacting fewer registrations,” They said from a dealership.

However, two terminals consulted by Ámbito acknowledged that they have no problems with these procedures, which suggests that the drop may be linked to lower demand.

“The market is very strange. People are not crowding into dealerships to buy. It is not the same as a few months ago. There may be some brand that has a lot of demand, but it is not the rule,” they said in another agency. This is evident in what happens in the dealerships.

While some 0km are beginning to be sold at list price or even with slight discounts of more than 5%, as Ámbito announced, there are other cases in which there are delivery delays and overpricing.

The electoral issue and the drop in purchasing power of a sector of the population also plays into this reality.

It must be taken into account that many imported models are purchased at premium prices because there is no adequate supply. Meanwhile, the models manufactured in the country are the ones that already receive bonuses to encourage consumption.

Source: Ambito

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