Porsche GT4 RS is supposed to drive again – but it was under water for 3 days

Porsche GT4 RS is supposed to drive again – but it was under water for 3 days

No, the abbreviation “RS” doesn’t actually stand for “rain and mud” at Porsche – but it would fit this vehicle. Because what happened to the owner of this Porsche GT4 RS is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone. After the sports car was finally picked up from the Slovenian Porsche Center Ljubljana in early summer last year, the new owner was only allowed to drive 758 kilometers. At the beginning of August the car was parked in an underground car park that was completely flooded during the once-in-a-century flood. The GT4 RS was completely submerged in water for three days before the pumps were running and the vehicles could be recovered.

What remained was scrap. Water and mud had worked their way deep into the vehicle and all the electronics were dead. The brand new Porsche GT4 RS became a total economic loss within just a few weeks. Until Ricardo Sciascia found him. As the owner of RS Dynamics, a workshop in Solingen, his full-time job is vehicle refinement, tuning and paint protection.

Over 180,000 euros per ton

His goal: The GT4 RS must live again. After all, the price of an intact vehicle with the Weissach package and the other optional equipment is over 180,000 euros. And the drowned car has a paint protection film from the factory, which meant that the body and the carbon remained completely undamaged. This is also significant because the car was recovered from a different corner of the underground car park than the one in which it was parked before the flood.

After a short inspection, Sciascia bought the Porsche for an unknown sum and took it to his workshop in Germany. When he got there, he needed a crane to unload it because all the mud prevented the car from rolling.

His fiancée was initially skeptical, she tells us star in conversation with. “Who has experience with this and is so crazy as to buy such a broken, rare vehicle? But then we thought about it together and I told Ricardo: If he dares to do it and thinks he can do it, I’ll be behind him and I am there,” reports Marleen Riemen. “But above all, I am convinced that if someone manages a project like this, it is him. He will push through everything. The main thing is that he reaches his goal.”

Work on the Porsche GT4 Rs could take months

The project, dubbed “Seacret,” has now gained momentum. The Porsche GT4 RS is currently being completely disassembled and cleaned. In various videos on the company’s various platforms you can see that the mud really ended up everywhere – and buckets had to be shoveled out of the car’s many cavities.

The vehicle has been in the RS Dynamics halls since November. In December, the crew decided to make the project public. With success. “Of course we were very happy that it went so viral, but it was never our goal. We thought we would just put it online to give our workshop a little more visibility and reach. Now the interest has become so great that we will soon have a YouTube Open a channel and take anyone who wants to follow us on our journey,” explains Riemen.

How long work on the “Seacret” Porsche will continue is unclear. In the articles about the car you can clearly see that every conceivable part is covered in mud and needs to be cleaned. Luckily, Sciascia has some help. “Our three employees in the workshop also support us so that we can get to work on the project with a clear conscience after the actual end of work in the workshop around 6 p.m.,” says his fiancée happily.

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