After the Cybertruck comes the Hypertruck – SUV megalomania at the limit

After the Cybertruck comes the Hypertruck – SUV megalomania at the limit

The trend worldwide is towards economical cars. There is hardly any space left in cities, so they should be as small as possible. The US car manufacturer Scarbo obviously doesn’t care at all – it shows that with the new Scarbo RV Rover.

Anyone who knows older episodes of “The Simpsons” well will be able to imagine what the “Canyonero” means – everyone else should just think of the largest possible car at this point. In the real world, the car manufacturer Scarbo Vintage seems to feel called upon to actually make such a monster a reality.

According to the manufacturer, the SV Rover, as the monster is called, is the “world’s first street-legal hypertruck” and is intended to set “a new standard for extreme off-road performance in a street-legal package.” The manufacturer doesn’t skimp on superlatives, even if it leaves out important details.

Unlike the Cybertruck: V8 with 1100 hp is also possible

According to official information, the SV Rover is a two-seater with all-wheel drive that is available with either a V8 engine and 1,100 hp or an electric drive with 1,020 hp. The latter comes with a 75-kilowatt-hour battery, which seems a bit meager considering the performance and is likely to result in frequent stays on the cable.

The Rover cushions the four huge 40-inch tires on 20-inch rims with air suspension, and the chassis is height-adjustable. The air suspension with internal push rods at the front and rear allows a wheel travel of 76 centimeters.

Amenities such as a modern infotainment system and air conditioning are also provided. And this despite the fact that the SV Rover is actually aimed at outdoor and off-road enthusiasts who, if in doubt, would be more interested in driving the car as spectacularly as possible over muddy slopes. The interior temperature rarely plays a decisive role. More important – and also standard – are differential locks on both axles and switchable off-road support.

Important data is missing, but the price is shocking

Anyone driving the SV Rover on conventional roads can look forward to an Alcantara-lined interior that has a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch main display.

In theory, shopping is also possible, because the two-seater vehicle also has a small cargo space.

When presenting the car, Scarbo was missing two pieces of information: It is not clear what the monster weighs and the manufacturer does not talk about dimensions either. Not even the price has been officially mentioned, but “Motor Authority” provides a guideline: It starts at 1.5 million US dollars, special requests cost extra.

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