Porsche Taycan GT presented: “Most powerful production Porsche of all time”

Porsche Taycan GT presented: “Most powerful production Porsche of all time”

Porsche is upping the ante with its newly revised Taycan and giving it a new top model. The Taycan Turbo GT delivers up to 1,108 hp – at least for a moment.

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When it comes to engine performance, the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire are now in their own electric league with significantly more than 1,000 hp. Those responsible for development at Porsche didn’t like that at all and so a new top model was presented to the public. The new Taycan Turbo GT, available with either two or four seats, offers a maximum output of a spectacular 815 kW / 1,108 hp.

Porsche holds its own on the circuit

This also ensures record times on the well-known Laguna Seca and Nürburgring race tracks. “The two records in Laguna Seca and on the Nordschleife show what great circuit potential the Taycan has,” emphasizes Taycan series manager Kevin Giek. “In order to survive in the supreme discipline of ‘circuit racing’, it is not enough to have as much power as possible: the overall package of longitudinal dynamics, lateral dynamics, aerodynamics, stability and detailed coordination has to be right. Especially with the Taycan Turbo GT and the Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach- Our engineers managed to do this absolutely convincingly.”

Porsche has just presented its refreshed Taycan range with significantly higher system performance – made possible by significantly more power on the rear axle. Equipped with a more powerful pulse inverter, the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT – with the corresponding Weissach package on request – has 580 kW / 789 hp, with launch control up to 760 kW / 1,033 hp overboost power and for two seconds up to 815 kW / 1,018 P.S.

For ten seconds at a time, additional power of up to 120 kW / 163 hp can be accessed at the push of a button on the steering wheel. This attack mode is based on the so-called push-to-pass function of the other Taycan models, which was copied from Formula E. The boost is displayed by a countdown timer in the instrument cluster and dynamically staged with animated rings in the speedometer. The most powerful Taycan manages the image sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds; It only takes 6.4 seconds to reach 200 km/h. With the optional Weissach package, the top speed increases from 290 to 305 km/h.

Technical details

A pulse inverter with a maximum current of 900 amps (instead of 600 amps) is used on the rear axle of the most powerful Taycan model. For better efficiency, this inverter uses the semiconductor material silicon carbide, which reduces switching losses and enables higher switching frequencies at maximum load. In addition, the gear ratio and the robustness of the transmission have been improved, allowing higher torques – a maximum of 1,340 Nm is now possible.

The range of the Taycan Turbo GT models is up to 555 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement method. The standard consumption is between 20.6 and 21.7 kWh per 100 kilometers. For a price of 240,000 euros, the Turbo GT offers, among other things, extensive spoilers, high-speed tires, a reinforced ceramic brake system and various carbon elements that reduce the curb weight by 75 kilograms.

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