The best care products for car washing at a glance

The best care products for car washing at a glance

With the right care products, you can easily wash your car yourself, without the need for a car wash or expensive specialists. We show which car care products make the washing process noticeably easier.

If you want to preserve the condition and appearance of your car for a long time, you should maintain your car regularly. This usually only requires a handful of care products. From washing to polishing to upholstery cleaning – there is the right product for every care step.

Important to know: Complete car washing on your own property is only permitted under certain conditions. For example, the surface must be sealed so that no chemical substances or oil and tar get into the groundwater. What car owners should pay attention to can be read here: If you want to be on the safe side, you can wash your car by hand in a self-service wash box.

1. Effectively clean with car shampoo

After extensive pre-washing with clear water, cleaning with a car shampoo follows. The shampoo is intended to remove dirt and make the paint shine. The advantage of hand washing with a car shampoo: it can also reach areas that are neglected in the car wash. A microfiber washing glove can serve as an aid.

In ours, the bestseller, the Kärcher RM 619 car shampoo, was at the top. Although it is primarily designed for use with a high-pressure cleaner, it is also suitable for hand washing. The shampoo is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable and NTA-free. According to the manufacturer, it is particularly gentle on paintwork and the five-liter canister is suitable for multiple applications.

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Aid – the high-pressure cleaner

A bucket with a sponge or washing mitt is actually sufficient for washing the car with shampoo. However, if you clean your car frequently and are looking for effective support, you can use a high-pressure cleaner. The pressure of the water removes even stubborn dirt and the car wash is done particularly quickly. A good entry-level model is the Kärcher high-pressure cleaner K 2 Universal Edition.

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2. Improve the paint with car polish

A polish is good for the paint and even repairs minor scratches. This prevents rust and preserves the value of the car. There are numerous polishes on the market, which often depend on the material. Car owners can’t really go wrong with a set; matching hand polishing sponges and soft microfiber cloths are often included.

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Aid – the polishing machine

Polishing by hand is too laborious and the car is too big? Then purchasing a polishing machine can make sense. This is particularly worthwhile if it is used several times a year. The Vossner eccentric polishing machine includes polishing sponges in many consistencies as well as polishing heads, a washing glove and microfiber cloths.

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3. Seal with car wax

After polishing, it is best to seal it with wax. This protects the paint from environmental influences and ensures a longer-lasting shine and a clean look. The wax is applied when the car is completely dry.

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4. Clean the rims with appropriate care products

After caring for the body, the rims are cleaned. Special cleaners are well suited for this, as tires and rims are often affected by stubborn dirt from tar, asphalt and brake dust. Brake dust in particular is difficult to remove because it burns into the material when rubbed. Oil residues and rust film also adhere strongly to tires and rims. Cleaners that remove brake dust as well as oil and rust particles are therefore well suited. This is what the “FelgenBeast” from Sonax is committed to. Since the cleaner is acid-free according to the manufacturer, it should be particularly gentle on materials.

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Aid – the rim brush

Using a rim brush makes it even easier to apply the rim cleaner. This means that all places and gaps can be easily reached.

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5. Interior car washing: upholstery cleaning

Does the car shine and shine from the outside? Good job, then all that’s missing is the interior. Of course, there are also appropriate care products for the windows and cockpit, but these are often not necessary because standard household cleaners can also be easily used in the interior. But an upholstery cleaner is the best way to remove stains, dirt and odors from the upholstery.

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Aid – the wet vacuum cleaner

If the dirt is particularly severe or the upholstery is contaminated with dairy products or other unpleasant-smelling substances, a wet vacuum cleaner can help. After extensive moistening and treatment with a cleaner, the vacuum cleaner pulls the moisture out of the upholstery along with the dirt – the odors also disappear.

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Car care products: Important to know

There are a few things car owners should pay attention to when purchasing car wash care products:

  • Environmental friendliness: It’s best to use products that are, in the best case scenario, biodegradable.
  • Compatibility: Always make sure that the product is compatible with the corresponding surface.
  • Gentle ingredients: In order to protect the paintwork in particular, the following ingredients should not be included: acids, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, coarse abrasives and silicone (leads to the formation of streaks).

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