Speed ​​camera marathon in Germany – police are hunting speeders again

Speed ​​camera marathon in Germany – police are hunting speeders again

Drivers in Germany are facing the “speed camera marathon”: In some federal states there will be a particularly large number of speed traps during the week of action from April 15th. The highlight is on Friday.

In the third week of April, the “speed camera marathon” is scheduled again – the week-long nationwide campaign against speed offenders will take place this time from April 15th in many parts of Germany. The highlight will be Friday, April 19th, as reported in detail by the ADAC, among others. Then there will be additional speed traps in many places – from early in the morning until late in the evening.

According to the ADAC, the date of the campaign week for more road safety was specifically set for the period after the Easter holidays. Only Schleswig-Holstein still had school holidays at that time.

But it’s not just in Germany that the hunt for drivers who are driving too fast is increasing during the week. The local week of action is part of “Roadpol Operation Speed”, in which numerous police authorities in the European Union are taking part, according to the “Bild” newspaper.

“Blitzermarathon” will take place especially in places where accidents are imminent

So where do drivers have to be prepared for “speed cameras”? In general, more controls should be carried out, especially in accident hotspots and at-risk areas – for example in front of schools or retirement homes. However, the federal states are taking part in the campaign in very different ways, as preliminary reports show. Some are there all week and then more on the main day, Friday. Others control less massively.

According to current information, Lower Saxony, Berlin, Saxony and Saarland will not be organizing an action week at all – partly because these federal states do not have enough personnel capacity in their police, and partly because there are doubts about the usefulness of the speed camera campaign.

Drivers in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt have to be prepared for particularly strict controls throughout the entire seven days – there will be increased flashing here throughout the entire campaign period, including the all-day main day on Friday.

Bavaria, Brandenburg and Thuringia only organize a “speed camera marathon” on Friday. Where exactly the speed traps are located is sometimes published shortly beforehand – but sometimes not at all.

With the campaign, which is to be repeated again in a similar form in August, the police want to draw attention to how dangerous speeding is. You should not use speed camera warning apps – this is actually illegal while driving and will be punished.

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