Maserati GranCabrio Folgore: Purely electric and yet a beast

Maserati GranCabrio Folgore: Purely electric and yet a beast

First things first: Even though the GranCabrio Folgore is a purely electric vehicle from Maserati, it was a clear concern of the designers to transport the emotions that the engine arouses in other models of the brand into the electric era. This means both sufficient power and – you read that right – V8 sound. The GranCabrio Folgore draws its power from an 800-volt platform with three 300-kilowatt motors (408 hp), which combine to produce up to 610 kilowatts (829 hp) of maximum power. The maximum torque is 1350 Newton meters.

The vehicle is accompanied by a sophisticated sound system, which delivers V8 sounds to accompany the journey using internal and external speakers. What is somewhat strange is the fact that Maserati explicitly speaks of an imitated V8 – the GranCabrio Trofeo with a combustion engine uses a V6.

Incredibly flat electric car

The GranCabrio Folgore draws energy from a 92.5 kilowatt-hour battery. Maserati specifies the range as 419-447 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. However, anyone who drives the car in a sporty manner should not be surprised by significant deviations in this regard. The manufacturer puts normal consumption at 22.4 to 23.7 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is already quite generous. Acceleration to 100 km/h is 2.8 seconds and 200 is reached in 9.1 seconds. The end of the line is at an electronically limited 290 km/h.

The GranCabrio Folgore is also a real hit at the charging station. Under optimal conditions, the vehicle should charge with up to 270 kilowatts, which Maserati translates into an increase in range of 100 kilometers within five minutes. It shouldn’t take more than 18 minutes to charge from 20 to 80 percent at the right charging station. The GranCabrio Folgore charges with 22 kilowatts on slow alternating current sources.

Like the combustion engine, the electric GranCabrio Folgore is a real giant. 4.96 meters long and 1.95 meters wide without mirrors are quite generous for a sports car. When it comes to height, however, Maserati achieves a real masterpiece. The electric car measures only 1.36 meters, which corresponds exactly to the dimensions of the combustion engine and is unusually flat for an electric car.

Maserati will deliver from 2025

This is achieved through a special arrangement of the battery. The component manufactured in Turin is not located under the seats, as is usual with electric cars, but forms a T-shape and fills the center tunnel, among other things. According to the manufacturer, this design allows the car to be built lower than “any other electric car on the market”. In addition, the weight distribution of the cells should significantly improve the agility of the GranCabrio Folgore.

Maserati currently states the starting price for the GranCabrio Folgore at 206,713 euros. For comparison: the GranCabrio Trofeo with a V6 engine starts at 231,035 euros. The configurator currently spits out 2025 as the delivery date – Maserati is currently not specifying the period in more detail.

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