Dongfeng instead of Cybertruck: Chinese show shameless Tesla clone

Dongfeng instead of Cybertruck: Chinese show shameless Tesla clone

The Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps the most controversial vehicle in recent years. It’s also a fact that a lot of things don’t work optimally with the Tesla pickup. The Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng has now taken striking inspiration from the Cybertruck for a concept vehicle – and might have a chance of topping the original.

Tesla is currently on tour in Europe with the Cybertruck (find out more here). The vehicle, which has not yet been registered in the EU, attracts crowds wherever it is parked. No wonder: the design and dimensions of the vehicle differ enormously from everything we know on local roads. The futuristic pick-up has been on the road in the USA since December 2023 – and is not only causing astonishment, but also a lot of frustration (you can find out more here).

Dongfeng E-Truck versus Tesla Cybertruck

But regardless of the quality of the original, the hype surrounding the stainless steel electric car is already attracting obvious imitators. The Chinese manufacturer (translated as “east wind”) showed the electric truck at the Beijing Auto Show. There is no denying where the design comes from.

Dongfeng E-Truck Cybertruck

The shape of the car and the choice of color are certainly no coincidence. The interior is also reminiscent of the presumed model from the USA, wheels and hubcaps ditto. Of course, there are differences here and there, such as a slightly rounder shape, the out-of-place logo and external cameras instead of mirrors. The body is also not made of stainless steel, but is most likely made of conventional sheet metal. This also makes production much easier.

The Chinese manufacturer has not yet published technical data about the vehicle. Given the many defects that always lead to wild discussions among the owners of the Cybertruck, that would be exactly what would be exciting. Because it would probably be a first that a (brazen) copy of a vehicle might even end up being better than the original. As reported, the e-truck will be based on the manufacturer’s so-called skateboard EV platform, which should enable up to 1305 hp. That would be significantly more than Tesla had to offer.

Dongfeng begins expansion to the West

Should Dongfeng put the concept vehicle into practice and build it in series, it is at least possible that the pure production numbers will exceed Tesla’s. According to information from Dongfeng, it is the sixth largest car manufacturer. Actual numbers vary greatly, especially since Dongfeng has a strong commercial vehicle business.

The e-truck is not the first vehicle from the Chinese that is more or less roughly based on a Western model. Driving past you would hardly be able to distinguish it from a GMC Hummer EV. With this car, the group is now starting its expansion into Europe. The Mhero I is already available in Switzerland and is sold by Noyo AG. Starting price for the 3.4 tonne off-road vehicle: the equivalent of 152,588 euros. The monster currently lacks approval for the EU.

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