Ten beautiful convertibles for the warm days

Ten beautiful convertibles for the warm days

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), only 51,984 convertibles were registered in Germany in 2023. Within twenty years, the number of optionally roofless vehicles has more than halved – at that time it was six figures. It’s obviously a classic chicken-and-egg problem: supply continues to fall, as does demand – and it’s not entirely clear who is reacting to whom.

Convertibles: They still exist, but there are fewer and fewer of them

But there is hope for people who are now looking for a convertible. Almost every German manufacturer still has vehicles with folding or folding roofs in their range. The Mini is probably the most popular convertible among Germans, at least when it comes to the number of registrations. But you still have to wait for the new model there. The manufacturer’s configurator is therefore idle – if you want to buy now, you have to use the inventory.

Another very popular German vehicle, however, is relatively new: the Mazda MX-5. According to an evaluation by the new and used car portal “Carwow”, the Japanese is currently in the top 10 twice. Because it is available as a conventional convertible (roadster) and as an RF, i.e. with a folding hard top.

According to a “Carwow” analysis, the most popular electric convertible currently being built comes from Fiat. Because the Fiat 500 is not only popular as a combustion engine – or as a sports car – but also with an electric drive. This is hardly surprising, as the prices in the electric and convertible world are hardly cheaper. Of course, you have to make compromises, but they are less significant in cities. However, it is not a long-distance car.

You can find an overview of which convertibles are currently popular and (still) available as new vehicles in the gallery.

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