Bill Gates doesn’t want it: first hydrogen mega-yacht floats

Bill Gates doesn’t want it: first hydrogen mega-yacht floats

Microsoft founder Bill Gates apparently ordered it: at 118.80 meters long, the “Feadship 821” is one of the longest mega-yachts in the world. For unknown reasons, the now almost finished yacht is looking for a new owner before delivery.

The mega-yacht “Project 821” is a first for the Dutch shipbuilder Feadship. At the beginning of May, the huge ship was launched for the first time and was celebrated with an extensive celebration. Of course, it’s not about the owner, but the technology.

Because the “Project 821”, as the ship is temporarily called until it is delivered to the owner, is the first hydrogen fuel cell yacht in the world. She is also the largest motor yacht ever launched in the Netherlands.

“Green technology” on mega yachts

With this ship, Feadship would like to answer the apparently frequently asked question of how far “green technology” can be pushed on mega-yachts. As far as the drive is concerned, the official answer is probably: surprisingly far.

The “Project 821” has a 92 cubic meter hydrogen tank. The hydrogen is stored there at -253 degrees Celsius. For safety reasons, the tank must be double-walled, so it ultimately requires “eight to ten times more space than the energy equivalent of diesel fuel.” The yacht’s enormous dimensions are therefore probably due to a certain necessity.

A total of 16 fuel cells process the stored hydrogen into electricity and water. But that is not enough for all situations in life. Feadship states that the fuel cell technology can supply the ship with emissions-free power in port for around a week or allow it to travel at up to ten knots for a limited time. The focus of “Project 821” is on the so-called hotel load, i.e. the power supply for all consumers on the ship.

If the hydrogen runs out or longer trips are planned, the ship relies on 3,200 kilowatt ABB pod drives, which are supplied with energy by MTU generators. These generators then run on so-called HVO fuel, a synthetic fuel that the industry says can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent. HVO stands for “Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil”.

Lots of luxury on board

Despite all the “environmentally friendly” measures, you don’t have to forego luxury. The “Project 821” offers 14 balconies and seven platforms that provide access to the sea. The so-called owner’s deck has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, changing rooms, a fitness room, two offices with a fireplace and a living room. There is also a hot tub at the front.

On the other decks there is also a coffee corner, a games niche, a library and a dining room with a sea terrace. Feadship describes this part of the ship as “a secluded oceanfront townhouse on four levels within the much larger yacht.”

Feadship ends the official announcement with the sentence “‘Project 821’ is offered for sale by Edmiston.” Edmiston is a luxury yacht broker who has not yet advertised the ship with a price. Various media reports that around 600,000,000 euros are being asked for the ship. That would be more than Jeff Bezos allegedly paid for his sailing yacht “Koru” – we’re talking about half a billion US dollars.

Bill Gates allegedly ordered “Project 821”.

It is said that “Project 821” was originally commissioned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Now, very well-informed media such as “” usually report that he has decided against extradition for unknown reasons. His already purchased yacht “Wayfinder”, which was actually intended as a shadow ship for “Project 821”, is also for sale.

Some suggest that Gates may have realized that he couldn’t call himself an environmentalist while maintaining two large yachts for recreational purposes. Because propulsion or not, building and operating a yacht is not compatible with serious environmental protection. Gates has also been sharply criticized in the past for using private jets – so for his critics, buying a yacht would be a hit, hydrogen or not.

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