How many 0km do Chinese car brands sell in Argentina?

How many 0km do Chinese car brands sell in Argentina?

Chinese car brands They are gaining ground around the world and South America is no exception. Several countries in the region have a growing presence of vehicles of that origin. Chili, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia are some examples.

In Brazil In recent months, million-dollar investment announcements were made to produce some models.

In the Argentinathe business is still focused on imports and, for the moment, its penetration is very limited due to the high level of taxes that punish vehicles from abroad.

Especially if it is about those who are outside the umbrella of the regime of the Mercosur or the commercial agreement with Mexicowho must pay a 35% import tariff.

Anyway, There are at least 14 brands that market their modelsthrough official distributors.

If you look at the ranking of patents by brand, BAIC It is the one that leads the operations in the accumulated of the first five months of the year, with 196 units sold. Displaces the one that traditionally headed the ranking: Cherry.

The brand of Socma Groupof the family Macriwas the first to be sold in the country and that allowed it to dominate the market for many years.

In any case, the participation of these brands is very low in relation to total sales. This year they will add around 2,000 units in totalless than 1% of overall sales, but times may begin to change.

Until today, the ranking of Chinese brands so far this year has this order based on the number of patented units in 2024: BAIC (196), Cherry (179), Photon (166), Shineray (91), KYC (53), DFSK (47), Haval (39), JAC (33), Changan (twenty-one), FAW (18), Great Wall (10), Jetour (10), DFM (7) and JMC (5).

In the world, Chinese car brands are betting on electric vehicles.

By 2024, China has established itself as the world’s largest automobile market, selling more such vehicles than any other country, with 9.5 million cars delivered last year. Additionally, it dominates most of the battery supply chain. The local company BYD surpassed Volkswagen as the best-selling brand in China and, in the last quarter of 2023, it surpassed tesla as the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles. China has also overtaken Japan as the largest car exporter, shipping 4.14 million units overseas, of which 1.55 million were EVs or plug-in hybrids.

Source: Ambito

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