Kawasaki presented its powerful H2 super sports family

Kawasaki presented its powerful H2 super sports family

Kawasaki presented its sophisticated and super sporty Kawasaki H2 family in Argentina, with the powerful Z H2, Nija H2 and Ninja H2 SX SE models, which stand out for their advanced technology, innovation, cutting-edge equipment and high performance.

The H2 models attracted attention at an exclusive meeting, with their imposing presence not only for their modern aerodynamic design designed to maintain stability at extreme speeds, but also for the features that contribute to their functionality, such as their supercharging system, equipment electronic, and its incomparable speed and power.

“This presentation fills us with pride as the new models arrive in the country to be the most powerful and fastest high-end street motorcycles on the current global scene. They represent Kawasaki’s commitment to innovation and extreme performance, a demonstration of technology and engineering designed to guarantee a riding experience that goes beyond everything we knew until today,” highlighted Matias Rios Business Manager of Kawasaki Argentina.

Highlights of each model:

  • Ninja H2 ABS: Equipped with a 998 cc supercharged, liquid-cooled engine, the H2 has a power of 231 HP, high-quality components such as Brembo brakes and Öhlins suspension, single-sided fork, state-of-the-art electronics and an optimized aerodynamic body.
  • Ninja H2® SE SX: This sports tourer model includes a 998 cc supercharged engine, 200 HP of power, and advanced features such as cruise control, adjustable driving modes and a color TFT screen.
  • Z H2®: With a supercharged 998 cc engine and 197 HP, this naked model combines extreme performance with a comfortable riding position. It includes Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension, and advanced electronics.

Special Exhibition:

  • Ninja H2®R: The exclusive Ninja H2®R was shown at the event, highlighted for being one of the most powerful, fastest and technologically advanced motorcycles in the world. Although it will not be immediately available for sale, the start of an exclusive pre-sale was announced.

The event not only highlighted these supersport models, but also showed how H2 technology is applied to other Kawasaki product families. The advanced engineering and innovation present in the H2 family is an example of the technology and precision that Kawasaki offers across its range.

Available in all the exclusive dealerships of the extensive network that Kawasaki has in the country, these motorcycles come to two-wheeled lovers as some of the most powerful and exclusive in the world. For Kawasaki, it is an important step on its path towards excellence and distinction, and it is also an important step for Grupo Corven, which operates and manufactures models of the brand in the country, consolidating itself as a leader in individual mobility.

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