The last Bugatti Chiron: After 500 million cars, it’s over

The last Bugatti Chiron: After 500 million cars, it’s over

An era is coming to an end. In typical Bugatti style, a new Chiron is proudly presented without going into too much detail. On the one hand, this is obviously to preserve the myth, but on the other hand, it is simply a matter of discretion. Who has bought a Chiron? That is not discussed. The price? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it anyway.

Nevertheless, Bugatti seems a little wistful – because with the Chiron, christened “L’Ultime”, the Molsheim-based company is showing the last of its kind. After 500 hand-made examples, the super sports car is over and the time has come for something new.

Super sporty nostalgia

It is therefore not surprising that the Bugatti Chiron “L’Ultime” is full of nostalgia. The color scheme is based on the 2016 exhibitor, with which the brand presented the new model to the world public for the first time. On the vehicle side there are numerous places that are important for Bugatti and especially the Chiron.

These include, of course, Molsheim, the headquarters of Bugatti in France, but also Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Monaco and Ehra-Lessien, where Bugatti’s test track is located, where the Chiron exceeded the 300 mph (482 km/h) mark.

The number 500 can be found in many places on the car, which incidentally does not remain in the company’s possession. The “L’Ultime” is the 500th Chiron and marks the end of production.

The interior, which has been designed quite conservatively, also features the name of the car and the production number. Otherwise, everything is reduced to dark leather with a few applications.

Price unknown, successor to the Bugatti Chiron follows soon

As already mentioned, it is currently not known who will receive the “L’Ultime”, and thus probably the ultimate collector’s vehicle. Nothing is known about the price of the vehicle either. However, since the list price of the Chiron Super Sport is well over 3.5 million euros even without the nostalgic touch, the blue super sports car will probably have been a bit more expensive.

The successor to the Chiron, whose name has not yet been revealed, is due to be presented for the first time in the middle of the year. It is currently assumed that it will have an output of around 1800 hp thanks to its hybrid drive and will use a V16 engine.


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