Car theft: Optimal protection against thieves

Car theft: Optimal protection against thieves

According to ADAC, car theft is on the rise in Germany – but there are measures you can take to protect your own car. We’ll tell you what they are and what they do here.

Many car thieves are professionals and often only need a few minutes to break into a vehicle. Unfortunately, car theft is not only annoying, but also extremely expensive. So it is definitely worth protecting your car. We have collected a few ideas on how to best secure your car.

Theft protection: These are the options

Of course, every car comes with an anti-theft device from the factory, and new cars in particular are often fully secured with alarm systems. Nevertheless, it is advisable to improve the system even further and make it as difficult as possible for thieves.

Mechanical protection against car theft

Everyone has probably seen or even used mechanical immobilizers – tire claws or steering wheel locks prevent the car from being moved. These are also the classic mechanical methods of securing a car. However, immobilizers are more likely to be used when the car is parked for a longer period of time, as the locks have to be laboriously installed each time. A steering wheel bar, for example, is easier to use.

These options are available:

  • Tire claw – Metal construction that is attached to the tire and prevents it from driving away
  • Steering wheel bar or steering wheel lock – sturdy metal bar or similar mechanism that blocks the movement of the steering wheel
  • Steering column lock – suppresses the start of the engine and prevents the steering wheel from turning
  • Door claw – a pole leads from door to door in the interior
  • Gear shift lock – blocks the gear lever
  • metal plate as security for the fittings and the audio system
  • Additional bolt locks for the doors and the trunk
  • Valve monitor – if the car is moved without authorization, the air automatically escapes from the tires
  • Rim locks – ensure that tires and rims cannot be stolen

Electronic protection against car theft

Additional alarm systems are one of the electronic methods of protecting the car from theft. There are also so-called OBD savers in this area, and GPS trackers also fall under electronic anti-theft protection. Alarm systems are now installed in almost every new vehicle. Contact and interior monitoring in particular are now usually included as standard. The alarm is triggered if the car is moved or even just touched. In addition, the automatic start is sometimes blocked if the car is subjected to a shock. In addition, tilt monitoring can also be retrofitted, for example. This is triggered if the car is towed away.

These options are available for retrofitting:

  • OBD Saver: This protective mechanism allows the on-board diagnostics socket to be covered so that thieves cannot use it to deactivate the automatic immobilizer.
  • Additional alarm system: The ideal system is one that triggers an alarm when there is a change in inclination or vibration, or when glass breaks.
  • GPS Tracker: This is best installed as invisibly as possible inside the vehicle. This means that the current location of the car can always be checked on the smartphone.
  • Key box with radiation protection: Keyless keys are shielded so that thieves cannot create a radio extension.

Protection with the vehicle identification number

Vehicle owners can have the vehicle identification number (VIN) engraved on their windows. This number is the best way for the police to identify stolen goods. If a VIN is visible on the car, perhaps even in several places, this acts as a deterrent to potential thieves. This is because all parts with the VIN would have to be replaced in order to resell the vehicle.

This is what the police recommend

To make it as difficult as possible for thieves, there are a few things car owners can do:

  • Always close and check windows and doors, even during short stops
  • Always remove the ignition key
  • Engage the steering wheel lock
  • Apply the parking brake
  • Keep your car keys safe
  • Always park in well-lit and busy areas
  • Never leave valuables lying openly in the car

The best protection against car theft

Anti-theft protection for cars is becoming more and more sophisticated, but unfortunately it is also the case that thieves are growing with their tasks. That is why the first priority is always to act as a deterrent and to make theft as difficult and unattractive as possible for thieves. For this reason, mechanical protection devices are still the best choice. They offer good value for money, are easy to install and effective. Alarm systems also often trigger false alarms. The best thing to do is to simply combine several systems. In addition to a steering wheel lock, warning stickers also act as a deterrent – add a tracker and car owners can feel a little safer.

More information can be found here.

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