Strange and crazy traffic signs from all over the world

Strange and crazy traffic signs from all over the world
Strange and crazy traffic signs from all over the world

There is a story behind every sign. And the streets of this world are full of signs. Some are very important and easy to understand, such as the stop sign. But among the many street signs there are also some truly exotic ones. They can have to do with animals that only live in certain places. Or they are based on unknown origin stories that may even have a serious background.

On the other hand, some signs on the side of the road are simply incomprehensible. It is also really not easy to find the simplest possible pictograms for sometimes complex warnings. For example, there is the warning sign for a slippery road – a car with zigzags behind it. At first glance, you might think that this is a warning about an exit from a folk festival where not everyone drives out of the parking lot sober.

Flying cows and voracious crocodiles

Or the American road sign that not only warns of falling rocks, but also shows a cow falling down a slope. We can only hope that this sign is not based on bad experiences and that a cow did not fall without warning. But would just one cow be enough to put up such a warning? You don’t really want to know the truth.

A particularly bizarre sign – and hopefully only a precautionary measure – is one from an African crocodile farm. There, people in wheelchairs are warned not to rush straight into the predators’ mouths. It’s a bit strange that this has to be pointed out. The same applies to warning signs about divers or – just because they can be a bit slower – pensioners.

You can find these and other cases of particularly creative road and warning signs in this gallery.

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