VW: Affordable electric car Volkswagen ID.2 is coming sooner than expected

VW: Affordable electric car Volkswagen ID.2 is coming sooner than expected
VW: Affordable electric car Volkswagen ID.2 is coming sooner than expected

VW now wants to significantly tighten the schedule for the ID.2. Because in order for electric cars to reach the masses, prices have to come down.

The market for cheaper electric cars is gradually gaining momentum. As the British trade magazine “Autocar” reports, the VW ID.2 will arrive sooner than initially expected. It is said that the Wolfsburg-based company will present the finished car for the first time this year and start selling it next year.

The original plan was to show the small car only in 2025 and to start production later.

The VW ID.2 is more closely aligned with well-known combustion engines

“Autocar” writes that the design for the car is now finalized. Andreas Mindt, head of Volkswagen Design, promised that the ID.2 would look “even better” than the concept (pictured). What else can Mindt say as the person responsible for the car.

If the statement is true that the concept will be recognized in the finished car, the ID.2 could simply be called Polo – because unlike the ID.3 and higher, the look of the ID.2 is strongly based on the group’s well-known combustion engines.

The ID.2 will be VW’s first electric car based on the new “MEB Entry” platform. “Autocar” writes that the car will probably have front-wheel drive and an output of 226 hp. The range is expected to be 450 kilometers. If VW manages to get the battery to charge quickly enough in the important charging range of 10 to 80 percent, that would be absolutely sufficient for a short- and medium-distance vehicle. “Autocar” assumes 20 minutes and a maximum charging speed of 125 kilowatts.

The ID.2 platform allows for two different batteries – 38 and 56 kilowatt hours. The 450 kilometers apply to the larger battery, according to “Autocar”. At the entry-level price, you will probably only get the smaller version, the report continues.

More love for the interior

Interior designer Darius Watola also gave “Autocar” further information about the entry-level model. According to the report, VW has said goodbye to the touchscreen-dominated operation of the new Golf and the ID.3 and – in accordance with customer requests – is once again relying more on real buttons and controls. This is in line with a quote from company boss Thomas Schäfer, who had to admit last year that the change in operation had caused a lot of frustration among customers and damaged the brand.

The same applies to the cheap-looking interior, which VW was criticized for, especially in the ID.3. According to “Autocar”, Volkswagen wants to rely more on materials such as Alcantara so that the car looks more valuable overall.

Volkswagen has set itself the goal of offering the ID.2 from 25,000 euros. This would put it (at current prices) 8,330 euros below the cheapest ID.3.

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