Speed ​​camera warning: Avoid fines – is it legal?

Speed ​​camera warning: Avoid fines – is it legal?
Speed ​​camera warning: Avoid fines – is it legal?

Drivers know it: If you don’t pay attention for once, a speed camera has already been triggered. Speed ​​camera warnings are designed to prevent exactly that. We explain whether the use of these helpers in road traffic is legal and which models are freely available.

So-called “speed camera warning devices” not only warn of speed traps, but often also of potential danger spots on the route. There is one drawback, however: in Germany, drivers are not allowed to use these warning devices. Nevertheless, there are many models on the market, and they are freely available. But what exactly is illegal?

Are speed camera warnings allowed in Germany?

Speed ​​camera warning devices connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and warn about speed cameras in real time. The gadgets use GPS technology, crowdsourcing data or radar and laser detection to warn drivers about speed checks. This makes them useful helpers in everyday life. Many people want to use the devices to avoid fines – but drivers should not ignore the legal framework. Here are a few facts about speed camera warning devices:

  • Selling and buying is legal in Germany.
  • However, according to § 23 of the Road Traffic Act, speed camera warning devices may not be used while driving.
  • If a speed camera warning device is used, a fine of 75 euros and a point in Flensburg are threatened.
  • The police are authorized to confiscate such devices and may even destroy them.
  • What is permitted, however, is warning about dangerous areas and disruptions to traffic.
  • Before setting off on a journey, drivers should also check whether there are any speed cameras installed along the route.

Speed ​​camera warning devices can therefore be used, but the speed camera warning function must be switched off before setting off. Many devices therefore also offer the option of switching individual functions on or off. If the device only warns of dangerous areas, construction sites and traffic jams, it can be used completely legally. Incidentally, the passenger is also not allowed to use a speed camera warning device that warns of radar traps while driving. Anyone who activates the speed camera warning device does so at their own risk.

Ooono Co-Driver No 2

The new Ooono Co-Driver No 2 is the successor to the popular Co-Driver No 1. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and accesses data from the Ooono community and from Blitzer.de. With an LED light ring, it provides visual warnings of speed cameras and danger spots – even without having to activate the app. The device has many functions, but it is also comparatively expensive to buy. Users also have to rely on the community’s data.

  • Warning about radar traps and speed controls throughout Europe
  • Warning of danger spots – also throughout Europe
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Drive-Pro speed camera warning system from Saphe

The Drive-Pro speed camera warning system also accesses data from Blitzer.de and can be used throughout Europe. According to the manufacturer, the device reliably warns of dangerous areas. The always-on display also shows the current speed. However, a subscription is required for this speed camera warning system in order to be able to use it to its full extent. The model is currently available at a reasonable price on eBay, including a subscription for the first twelve months.

  • Warns of speed cameras across Europe
  • Also warns of accidents and other danger spots
  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Original Drive-One speed camera warning system from Needit

The Drive-One speed camera warning device from Needit warns of speed cameras and road hazards both acoustically and visually. With this device, the data is also retrieved in real time via the Blitzer.de community. The device is relatively inexpensive and no subscription is required. However, users of this model complain about the short battery life and the rather difficult battery replacement.

  • Europe-wide warning of speed cameras and dangers
  • Automatically connect to the app when you start driving
  • No subscription required

What users should pay attention to when buying

The devices we present all use data from the Internet, for example from services such as Blitzer.de, which are very comprehensive and have a large community. There are also devices that are equipped with radar or laser detectors, but these are usually more expensive. Other purchase criteria can be:

  • Size: To ensure that the speed camera warning device is not immediately visible from the outside, it should not be too large or conspicuous. Devices that can be easily installed in an inconspicuous place in the car are ideal.
  • Signal: Devices that emit both a visual and acoustic signal are less distracting in traffic.
  • Battery life: Especially before embarking on longer journeys, the built-in battery should last as long as possible.

More information can be found here.

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