Cars: six terminals stop production all week due to a drop in demand and lack of inputs

Cars: six terminals stop production all week due to a drop in demand and lack of inputs
Cars: six terminals stop production all week due to a drop in demand and lack of inputs

By decline in the domestic marketthe drop in exports and parts supply problems, six automakers decided today and tomorrow to stop production at their plants. Taking into account that yesterday was a holiday and the same will happen next Thursday and Friday, these terminals They will not have activity throughout the week.

In the first factory that this decision was made was in the Santa Isabel, in Córdoba, where vehicles for Renault and Nissan are produced. The staff had been informed of the cessation of activity 10 days ago. In this case, the measure is related to the adaptation of production to the current level of demand.

Furthermore, although Renault explained that it is not yet confirmed, the automaker also analyzes the reduction from 8 to 6 hours for the two production shifts starting in July. Because it is in the same establishment, the reduced hours would also affect Nissan, in this case for the only shift in which it produces.

Toyota – the country’s main manufacturer – will also not produce vehicles all week. He decided to stop the production line today and tomorrow as well. Those days not worked will be compensated with the “credit hours” system.

Toyota has just concluded a voluntary retirement plan, as a result of the drop in exports to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. All markets that are experiencing a decline in internal sales.

It was also the only terminal that last week, on the day of the act against the Bases law, suspended a production shift as a result of the participation of the SMATA union in the march. In other plants, work was carried out normally or with a minimal reduction in the morning shift.

The reason given by the Japanese terminal for stopping today and tomorrow is the delay in the arrival of ships with imported parts.

Fiat also suspends production all week. In that case, it would be due to problems with the arrival of parts from Brazil (still affected by the floods). Specifically, it would be the steering box. In Córdoba there would be a large number of unfinished Cronos units due to this problem. In Brazil, a similar situation would be repeated in thousands of units of a model that shares this part.

General Motors, in Santa Fe, also suspends activity all week. This terminal is undergoing a personnel adjustment and is adjusting production to current demand.

The latest case is that of the Mercedes-Benz Van division in Virrey del Pino, in the Buenos Aires suburbs. The reason would supposedly be renovations at the paint plant.

While, Volkswagen, Ford and the Stellantis plant in El Palomar, where Peugeot and Citroën models are produced, They will work normally.

Source: Ambito

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