Vintage cars 2024: These cars will get their H license plates

Vintage cars 2024: These cars will get their H license plates
Vintage cars 2024: These cars will get their H license plates

Whether it’s a VW Polo III, a BMW E36 Compact or a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta – some of the classic cars of the next generation don’t even look that old. But in fact, many of these cars are old enough to get an H license plate from the registration office this year. There is of course some debate about how urgently some of the models in question should be preserved – after all, not all of them were beautiful back then either.

Some people would say “not pretty, but rare” to the Ford Scorpio MK2, for example, which found few buyers in the 1990s because of its appearance. Or the Opel Tigra – another vehicle that takes some getting used to.

The last air Porsche and a VW classic

However, among the candidates for membership in the club of the venerable there are also real classics that are worth preserving. For example, the Porsche 911 Cabriolet of the 993 series is getting old enough. And since the vehicle is the last air-cooled 911, the cars are already sought-after classics.

The same probably applies to the Ferrari 355 Berlinetta, which, despite its comparatively small engine, impressed with its great driving characteristics and became a box office hit by Ferrari standards.

But it doesn’t always have to be an expensive sports car if you want a classic car: The Fiat Punto, which is very popular in Europe, is also turning 30 as a convertible, as is the first Toyota RAV4. If you want something really special, you could also look out for a VW Polo 6N – in the rare Harlequin edition, the car only has to wait a year before it becomes a classic car. The basic model will be ready in 2024.

What is the use of an H license plate in Germany and how do you get one?

In order to obtain an H license plate for a classic car in Germany, you must obtain a report from a recognized inspector in accordance with paragraph 23 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, confirming that the vehicle is at least 30 years old and in good original condition. You then go to the registration office with all the necessary documents.

An H license plate for classic cars has a number of advantages in Germany, including reduced vehicle tax of 191.73 euros per year, regardless of engine capacity or pollutant emissions. Vehicles with an H license plate can enter environmental zones without restrictions, even without a green sticker. Insurance companies also often offer special classic car rates that are cheaper than regular car insurance.

The vehicles shown in the gallery are by no means all the cars that will become vintage cars in 2024 – the “” recently published a long list.

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