Cup holder in the car: four variants for young and old

Cup holder in the car: four variants for young and old
Cup holder in the car: four variants for young and old

Mom! Thirsty! Keeping your cool on long car journeys with children is not always easy. Food and drink have to be ready in record time. Cup holders could help. Four options for your next road trip.

Vacuum cleaners help to remove crumbs from car seats. But coffee stains, milk or fruit juice are more difficult. The rule that many parents have set, and which is in itself laudable, that you should not eat or drink in the car often has a rather short half-life. This is also because mom or dad do not always set an example in this regard. However, parents must be given credit for the fact that many center consoles now offer solid storage options for all kinds of cups and bottles. Things are often different in the back. And this is where flexible cup holders for the car come into play. The tools are particularly useful for longer car journeys, for example on vacation, because there are usually no more than two integrated cup holders. With the following gadgets, you will not only save yourself the odd break on your road trip to the holidays, but also possibly another spillage.

Four car cup holders compared

1 Smart & Smart

The air conditioning, which is important in summer and winter, also proves to be practical for another reason. This cup holder is hung with two hooks in the slats of the ventilation outlets. If it is warm outside, the ventilation keeps cool drinks at the right temperature. In the cold season, coffee, tea, etc. stay warm longer when the warm air flows into the interior. According to the manufacturer, this two cans, cups or bottles with a maximum diameter of 7.5 centimeters. A clip holds the drinks in place. Smart: You can park more than just a coffee here, because the cup holder also has space for a standard smartphone that is no wider than eight and no more than 1.4 centimeters thick.

2 Midfield strategist

In many cars, there is already a spot reserved for a coffee cup between the driver and passenger seats. But this is not really flexible. This can be fitted into the existing drink holders in the center console in just a few easy steps. The extension offers space for bottles and cups with a maximum diameter of 10.8 centimeters. However, it should be at least 6.9 centimeters so that the holder holds the drink in place. A non-slip coaster should provide additional grip. And if you don’t feel like using an additional smartphone holder, you can place your mobile device right next to the coffee cup within easy reach.

3 Little table, hold me!

For parents of small children, long car journeys are often nerve-racking. Even small helpers can provide some relaxation by entertaining the little ones. This can be hung on the struts of the headrests of the driver and passenger seats. The storage area is 34.5 by 23 centimeters. This is enough for 14-inch laptops or tablets. The table is also suitable for coloring in, rolling dice or other small games. The integrated cup holder is more for older children and adults, but is not suitable for larger coffee bottles. Nice: If it is not needed, the table can be folded away with a quick tug towards the front seat.

4 Sit! Down! Stay!

To top it all off, we have this for the next vacation trip by car in your luggage. The idea: instead of the built-in armrest in the middle, the box in the honeycomb design takes up space on the back seat between the children. And instead of the playing cards, the cuddly toy, the game console, pens and Capri Sun rolling around in the footwell, they can be neatly stowed away in the spacious organizer and are always within reach. The box is 46 centimeters deep. Alternatively, it also fits on the passenger seat. Practical: The tool can be secured with a seat belt using a loop that can be closed with a button.

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